Sep 27, 2016

Entry Control Point (ECP) Supervisor

Recruiter: Michael Baker International
Location: Balad, Iraq 

Summary of Essential Job Functions 

Restricted Area Security Supervisor– Supervise LNs in the day-to-day protective security functions on the flightline and designated Restricted/Controlled Areas.  Reports to the Guard Force Manager.

Roles and Responsibilities
Responsible for entry control to Restricted/Controlled Areas
Responsible for securing flightline perimeter and adjacent areas of the flight line

Conducts internal and externalflight line patrols, either mounted or dismounted; may be required to workstatic posts
Secures and controls entry to thePAX Terminal and associated cargo ramp and facilities
 Secures Lockheed Martin warehouse and any other facilities as directed
Provide spoint security on priority resources (aircraft)
Provides supervision and leadership to assigned SSG LNs
Mentorany IqAF personnel assigned to their area, if directed so
Present a clean and professional image at all times—leadership by example
Supervise and perform the day-to-day protective security functions as specified in dailypost orders and standard operating procedures
Maintain weapons qualifications as outlined in this contract on any assigned weapon(s)
Perform any other duties as deemed necessary by management

Qualifications and Education Requirements

Must be a US citizen, with the ability to obtain a US SecretClearance if/when it becomes mandatory
At least four (4) years of experience in the US military,preferably in Combat Arms or Security Forces, Military Police or Master atArms.  Must present a DD214 withHonorable character of service, or
At least four (4) years of civilian police or othergovernment law enforcement agency experience. Experience must be highlighted in a resume and proof of training must bepresented
Ability to work under pressure, exercise discretion, andmake effective decisions
Must be able to function as part of a team; communicationskills are critical
At least one (1) year of experience working with diversecultures in a hazardous/austere contingency environment
Must possess a valid US driver’s license

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