Sep 3, 2016

Contract Security Guard

Employer: Vectrus
Location: Kuwait

The Contract Security Guard (CSG) operates directly under the CSG Sergeant or CSG Staff Sergeant, and is responsible for the control of personnel and vehicle entry and exit at Entry Control points (ECP’s), provides over-watch from tower positions for the ECP area as well as the areas between the installations ports of entry. Additionally, the CSG conducts inspections of all deliveries and vehicles attempting access to installations, in accordance with Area Support Group-Kuwait (ASG-KU) Force Protection Condition (FPCON) levels and directives. The CSG will operate US Government installed barrier devices and access control equipment to facilitate the control of personnel and convoys entering and departing ECP’s. He/she will conduct inspections and the tracking of personnel and vehicles using authorized equipment and operating procedures in order to secure and protect the assets of the ASG-KU community. He/he will also perform other tasks as directed by the Installation Operations management team that may fall outside this position summary as directed. Position requires a SECRET clearance.


1. Inspect all deliveries and vehicles up to Force Protection Condition Delta and in accordance with Area Support Group – Kuwait Standard Operations Procedures for installation access.

2. Prepared to handle both military and contracted convoys entering and departing designated Entry Control Points.

3. Conduct inspections of personnel and vehicles using systems such as: Ion Scanners, Backscatter X-Ray machines, vapor tracers.


M9 Pistol

M4 / M16 Rifle

M240B Machine Gun

Hand held Radios

Base Station Radios

Hand Cuffs / Flexi Cuffs


First aid equipment

Force Protection equipment (Barriers, ion Scanners, Backscatter X-Ray machines, Under-Vehicle, Surveillance systems and Mobile x-Ray Scanning Machines).


Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS)


Work is conducted out doors or in established infrastructure, with the exposure to extreme climactic conditions. The region is dry hot long summers and short warm winters with occasional rainfalls. Dusty storms often occur during the summer months and humidity is often very high. Temperatures range between 113 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 42 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter.


Work will require lifting up to 50 lbs, stooping, climbing, prolonged standing, prolonged sitting and working with or in areas where a potential could exist for exposure to physical, chemical or biological agents. Employee use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required in certain areas. Such PPE includes but is not limited to head, foot, hand, torso, respiratory, vision and hearing protective devices.



1. High School Graduate

2. Be a US Citizen

3. Be at least 21 years of age.

4. Have a valid US Tourist Passport

5. Have a current and valid US Driver’s License

6. Have one year of civilian police experience within the past three years prior to beginning duties under this contract.

7. Meet the requirements under 18 USC 922(g)(9) (The Lautenberg Amendment)

8. As a new hire, the CSG candidate must pass the Physical Agility Test( PAT) IAW AR 190-56

9. Pass a Medical physical examination (MOD Twelve Standard)

10. Will meet United States Government (USG) security requirements


1. Have performed the duties as a Military /Civilian law enforcement professional OR Infantry Soldier OR have performed the duties of a security guard force (static or mobile) overseas on a DOD or DOS contract for a combination of a total of no less than 3 years

2. Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS); preferred.


1. Must be able to use Microsoft office at the basic level.

2. Must be able to work under pressure while conducting tasks accurately and in a timely manner

3. Must be able to communicate using Interpersonal communication skills to include conflict resolution.

4. Must be able to read and understand how to apply post orders, Standard Operating Procedures or contractual obligations

5. Must be able to obtain and maintain a Secret Clearance