Sep 30, 2016

Construction Surveillance Technician , Europe

Employer: PAE
Location:  Stuttart, Germany

Duties include, but are not limited to:

-Performing Audit /Analysis/Interpretation of IFC construction drawings and specifications to identify security vulnerabilities (technical,physical) and associated threats to vulnerabilities associated with Intelligence Community Directive 705 (ICD 705).
-Applying knowledge of all 16 standard construction divisions and security requirements and standards with technical threats posed by foreign intelligence services to mitigate threats to satisfaction of US Government. Each construction method (major and minor, multipleperson teams to single persons) introduces opportunities to technical threat.
-Providing critical advanced technical knowledge in support of unique security requirements inherent in US TOP SECRET SCIF operations including sound attenuation, electric circuitry isolation and noise spillage, electromagnetic emission attenuation and provide tactics to resolution of substandard construction (in all 16 Divisions).

-Acting as alternate Site Security Manager representative for all technical security requirements.
-Acting as Accrediting Official representative for observation and verification of all technical standards necessary for security accreditation.
-Performing in-depth investigations to anomalies associated with all 16 construction divisions which pose significant threat to US Government mission and provide tactics to resolution.
-Observing all construction and construction workers to concurrently apply counterintelligence surveillance strategy and observations simultaneously. Experience/Understanding in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, ECM, ELINT, SIGINT, IMINT techniques and construction principles and devices used by hostile and friendly intelligence services for the purpose of clandestine surveillance.

-Experience/Knowledge Applied:

o Technical surveillance techniques and procedures and knowledge of foreign intelligence and counterintelligence devices and


o Technical/mechanical components/systems on Plumbing and HVAC/Mechanical systems such as chillers, condensers, air ducts, pipe

components in secure environments typically used in US SCIFs and associated QA/QC practices/systems and associated technical

exploitation tactics.

o Structural steel/ welds/fireproofing and associated QA/QC practices/systems and associated technical exploitation tactics.

o Foundations/footings such as concrete/reinforcement bar/caissons/footers/forms and associated QA/QC practices/systems and

associated technical exploitation tactics.

o Electrical systems including distribution/power/low voltage installation/conduit, circuit breakers, etc. The CST should apply his

knowledge on how electrical systems come together towards the identification of any unauthorized material or clandestine devices during


o Telecommunication systems/wiring/splicing/patching/switching and how telecommunication wiring and devices provide a path for

listening devices and potential power source for clandestine devices.


-Must be a US Citizen.

-Top Secret clearance with SCI eligibility

Bachelor’s Degree plus 3 years of recent specialized experience, OR Associates Degree plus 7 years of recent specialized experience, OR; a major certification plus 7 years of recent specialized experience, OR; 11 years of recent specialized experience including:
The evaluation of US Government SCIF facility design, application of US Government technical surveillance countermeasures, industrial/ government security, technical components used for, or with, Telecommunications, Electrical, Structural, HVAC, Plumbing and other construction methods/systems within a US Government SCIF environment and the interrelationships which form overall Top Secret architecture of facility/systems and methods/materials of the above systems. Methods and practices to identify, detect and deter technical exploitation of facilities/construction/systems/methods/materials.

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