Aug 4, 2016

Security Operations Manager , Czech Republic

Location: Prague Czech Republic
Salary: Negotiable

Job description: 
Organise local security and safety services, identify appropriate service providers and supports the procurement with the tender.
Supervise security service provider and manage local operations
Execute employee empowerment, training, development and motivation
Agree on and control the timely implementation of HSSE goals and country action plans
Assure minimum standards are localised, comply with local regulations and are implemented aligned with actual threat situation.
Manage HSSE operational approach to mitigate risks, and to implement, execute and control Corporate Security country operations.
Chair development, prioritisation, agreement on and controlling of Security in the annual country action plans and their timely completion.
Build partnership with business and stakeholders to establish/enhance crisis management and business continuity plans.
Provides expertise and feedback on local crisis management planning, coordination, review, training and implementation.
Supervise the continuous adaptation of emergency response plans and their testing.
Prioritise the implementation and maintenance of HSSE standards, programs and processes in countries.
Scope on planned internal/external security audits of implemented standards and monitors timely completion of agreed corrective actions.
Assure timely completion of security investigation of incidents synchronising approaches of business, HS&E, Corporate Security and/or L&C.
Analyse security exposures to assets within their area of responsibility and provides timely information to local management and business units.
Assure high quality in local incident reports, prioritises completion, and reviews and provides feedback to incident reporter in the incident reporting tool.
Prioritise and execute the implementation and maintenance of HSSE standards, programs and processes.
Agree on the execution of the identification and verification of high risk projects and reviews the implementation of risk assessment for all new projects and gives feedback.
Regularly provides status reports about new and ongoing activities as well as completions.
Responsibility for all aspects of security including:
Manage Security Systems, CCTV and Access Control systems
Manage security budget and PO
Cooperation & advice for/with local management
Emergency / Crisis management
Security induction training
Manage and implement security procedures
Manage the third party security suppliers
Liaison and cooperation with local law enforcement and emergency services
Review, revise and implement all security related procedures
Development of emergency security policies, procedures and guidelines
Upgrade security systems
External and internal investigations
Develops and delivers specialised training for selected target groups
Implement security program in compliance with the global framework, policy and guidelines
Manage loss prevention/reduction programs
Advice for management in security matters
Expats security induction and protection if needed.

Candidate profile: 
Must speak Czech and English
Strong background is security management together with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Health and safety experience an advantage also

How To Apply:
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