Aug 23, 2016

Security Officer , Middle East

Employer: United Nations
Location: Jerusalem

These positions are located in United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) in Jerusalem. Under the overall supervision of the Chief Security Officer (CSO), the Security Officer, FS-6, reports to the CSO and the Deputy CSO on all security operations as assigned.Responsibilities

Within limits of delegated authority, the Security Officer, FS-6, is responsible for the following duties:

•Contributes to the CSO in office management procedures and supervises UNTSO Security Units, as needed;
•Strategizes and develops effective security and contingency plans for a security unit and its operations;
•Conducts assessment of prevailing local security conditions, identifying security trends and advising UNTSO staff members and personnel and eligible dependents on security issues;
•Serves as a member of the Security Cell, implements and evaluates the security plan;
•Evaluates air, land and sea emergency evacuation capability; assists in the supervision of evacuation exercises and recommends appropriate action;
•Determines accessible areas, maintains tracking systems and coordinates a 24-hour Emergency Response System;
•Analyzes the level of security risk for the area of operations;
•Monitors, conducts or coordinates security operations;
•Maintains continuing lines of communication with security focal points and other UN or non-UN stake holders;
•Briefs the CSO and Deputy CSO on the status, activity and requirements of the unit;
•Ensures that fire prevention devices and fire-fighting equipment are available on the premises; Reviews fire evacuation plan and coordinates fire drills and training as necessary;
•Conducts physical security inspections of facilities;
•Assumes responsibility for guard force management; Monitors and evaluates office physical security measures, and conducts security surveys of installations and facilities; implements security arrangements;
•Provides advice and training to UNTSO personnel and eligible dependents on security matters;
•Identifies the training needs of security and mission’s staff;
•Supervises the investigation of security-related incidents involving UNTSO staff members, personnel and eligible dependents;
•Identifies gaps in existing capability and recommends amendment accordingly;
•Participates in the planning process of protective services for Senior UN Officials, as necessary;
•Drafts Statements of Requirement and provides technical specifications for the procurement of section security equipment;
•Inspects security equipment and ensures minimum equipment requirements are purchased, maintained and deployed;
•Supervises the issuance of identity cards, background checks and entry controls, as appropriate;
•Manages a warden system according to policy;
•Acts as Duty Officer within the Security Section;
•Prepares budget for the section and performs all security support related tasks.
•Performs other duties as required.

Work implies frequent interaction with the following:
•Mission leadership and other United Nations Officials;
•Security personnel operating in the mission’s area of responsibility;
•Personnel from Military and Civilian Police Components of the field mission;
•Project Managers and other personnel;
•Host Government officials and local law enforcement personnel.

Work Experience

A minimum of ten years with high school diploma or equivalent technical or vocational certificate (five years with a first-level university degree) of progressively responsible experience in the military, police or security management is required; of which:
- A minimum two years of experience in security operations centers or similar within a military, police or security organization is required; and
- At least one year experience and exposure at the international level and in a conflict or post conflict environment is required.
Desirable experience: security planning, security operations, security risk assessment, standard operating procedures, physical security, coordination with local authorities and law enforcement agencies, emergency communication system, crisis management, hostage incident management, security administration, security logistics in a post-conflict environment, security staffing in post-conflict and multicultural environment


English and French are the working languages of the United Nations Secretariat. For the position(s) advertised, fluency in oral and written English is required. Knowledge of another official United Nations language is an advantage.