Aug 31, 2016

Safety and Security Manager

Recruiter: IREX
Location:  Istanbul, Turkey

IREX is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to building a more just, prosperous, and inclusive world by empowering youth, cultivating leaders, strengthening institutions, and extending access to quality education and information.

Position Summary
Under the supervision of the Director Operations and Finance, the Safety and Security Manager will be responsible for optimizing and managing IREX security protocols in Turkey, and for reporting and following up on any potential or actual incidents. Other responsibilities may be assigned as appropriate in support of IREX’s overall mission.

Duties & Responsibilities: 
Establish relationships with NGOs, UN, national law enforcement, military and civil authorities.
Provide timely and accurate security advice to the Operations Director.
Transmit security alerts for emerging situations (civil unrest, armed government response, etc.) to Field Operations and the Director of Operation and Finance.
Ensure that IREX staff members are provided with situational reports and other appropriate security related information.
Brief staff on all safety and security considerations - including security risks, journey management security guidelines, communication procedures, travel precautions, emergency procedures and movement restrictions (as needed) - for IREX personnel arriving in country from overseas within 24-48 hours of arrival.
Conduct background and literature research related to Turkey and regional security. Monitor the status of current, ongoing and forthcoming security threats within reach of IREX Offices or field staff.
Conduct periodic threat and risk assessments of operations in regions where IREX projects are implemented, including locations where IREX staff, dependents, and assets are present.
Submit monthly security report to COP/Operations/HQ security consultant.
Maintain and update the Safety and Security Contingency Plans (SSCP’s) for all field offices within Turkey.
Attend appropriate security workshops and seminars.
Implement and document safety and security protocol/procedures within Turkey Field Offices, based on the IREX global Security Management Plan.
Conduct periodic security assessments of IREX premises and equipment and advice on shortcoming in security preparedness with recommended improvements and solutions.
Assist project staff with incident and crisis management.
Assist projects running incident management drills/rehearsals.
Assist field teams with security threat information and recommendations on travel prior to any field trips outside of Istanbul or Gaziantep.
Identify any gaps in existing security management approach in order to create new country wide procedures:
Provide security trainings and briefings as developed in coordination with the HR/Operations department.
Other duties as assigned.

Skills & Experience:

Please submit a resume and a cover letter that includes your salary range requirements with your application.

7 years of experience in security and crisis management, with a minimum of 3 years within Turkey;
Well-versed in Turkey security issues, including residential security; role of local security forces, best practices; and Turkish security policy;
Familiarity with Turkey- specific geographical, transportation, and infrastructure constraints;
Excellent written and oral communication and interpersonal skills
Fluency in English
Ability to establish strong working relationships with project stakeholders
Ability to work and travel throughout Turkey to oversee program implementation and provide technical expertise

Prior experience working for an international organization
Fluency in Arabic and Turkish
Bachelor’s and/or Master’s Degree

Willingness to work in a flexible manner in terms of number of working hours, days of work.
High ethical standards.
Polite manners, excellent communication.
Occasional travel within Turkey if needed.