Aug 21, 2016

Protective Security Specialist / Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate - (PSS EMTI)

Employer: Academi
Location: Afghanistan

Job Description

Medical support to the principal and PRS detail members
The EMT-I is designated as a protective security specialist (P)
The EMT-I is required to attend the protective security specialist (PSS) training course
The EMT-I is required to maintain weapons qualification, as outlined in the contract with the Glock, M4, Shotgun, M240, M249 and M203 and familiarization fire for the AK-47
The EMT-I vetted personnel are authorized to permanently fill the Labor Categories of EMT-I and the PSS in case of shortages with approval
Conduct protective security operations and provide medic support as required.

Job Requirements
U.S. citizen
Must be able to obtain DOS Clearance
Valid US issued passport and driver's license
Level 3 English proficiency
Three (3) year’s experience can be gained in the employ of any national, State/Provincial,Local or commercial entities providing high threat
protective services that require skills similar to those of this contract
Have experience/knowledge in current TCCC guidelines
The EMT-I shall successfully complete the PSS training requirements CONUS and shall receive extensive ON JOB TRAINING (OJT)
Contractor shall comply with the following EMT I qualifications:
Successful completion of State or National Registry EMT-Intermediate/85 or Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) certification (written and practical Examinations)
Submission of current CPR credentials for Professional Rescuer/Health Care Providers.
Certification must be valid for the period of deployment.
Note: Candidates with invalid registration should review the requirements at

Pay: ACADEMI offers competitive pay and benefits.

NOTICE: Additionally, employment may be based on customer approval, security clearance, background investigation, drug screening results, medical requirements, physical fitness, and system specific qualifications and experience levels.

ACADEMI is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants receive consideration without regard to race, age, ethnicity, religion, gender, national origin, disability or any other basis prohibited by law.