Aug 3, 2016

Field Security Liaison Advisor (Rigs) , North Africa

Employer: Weatherford
Location: Wilaya De Ouargla , Algeria

Formally trained and experienced in military (counter terrorism), police, and law enforcement operations.

Basic Function:
The main emphasis will be to ensure that interface and relationships with all stakeholders are developed and
maintained throughout the area of all Weatherford operations and to advise and maintain the Weatherford
security policies and standards.

Duties, Responsibilities & Accountabilities:
Provide support the Maghreb Region Security Manager.
Ensure that Weatherford security standards are maintained and developed in line with the threat and
associated risks.
Advise on best security practice in line with the Weatherford standards.
Liaise and maintain relationships with appropriate government agencies (Military & Police).
Liaise and maintain relationships with other O&G / Service companies.
Supports field security function and field operational line management.
Conduct security reviews / tasks as required/requested in different WFT locations in Algeria.
Implement the risk mitigation measures and risk reduction measures as directed.
Implement all associated plans and procedures as directed.
Deliver regular security updates and briefings, either verbally or electronically to all product line managers where appropriate.
Contractor management and performance monitoring of third party security providers and contractors.
Form part of Local Emergency Response Team (LERT) as required providing security advice.
Organize and conduct local security emergency response drills (ERD's) as required in different WFT locations in Algeria.
Immediately bring to the attention Maghreb Region Security Manager (Line Manager) of any
development of new risks/threats.
Report any security incident(s) immediately to Maghreb Region Security Manager, Line Manager.
Supervise and coach the Security Supervisors in Base 2, Base 3&4 and when existing in WDI Rigs.


Performance Monitoring of third party security providers at all Field Locations.
Ensure that all the GPSA / or other security providers are met daily and any failings reported to Line Mgr and security providers and WPTS.
Ensure that all failings in procedure/process, security reports, and SERD reports are entered in WPTS and followed up till closure.
Report any security incident(s) immediately to Line Mgr and MENA Security Mgr.
Yearly Objectives are set and these should be achieved (the yearly Objectives must be sighted and signed)

Required Skills:

Knowledge of operational security and emergency response procedures.
Response planning and workforce security training. Competent with appropriate computer packages and technological systems and tools to aid emergency.
Competent background of operating in desert/field locations.
Must be able to communicate fluently in both French, Arabic and English languages.
Creative, flexible and self-motivated.
Must be able to work alone and as part of a team.
Proficient IT skills, word, ppt, excel.
People and team management skills.
Problem solver.
Excellent communicator.
Reliable and trustworthy.
Solution driven.


Required Education:
Minimum baccalaureate and plus.
Formally trained and experienced in military (counter terrorism), police, and law enforcement operations.

Required Experience:
Experience of working in remote and hazardous environments.
Experience working within the oil and gas industry.
Experience of working internationally with multi-cultural workforce.
Security risk assessment methodology at operational levels including detailed analysis of physical security risks
and vulnerabilities.
Experience working in remote field locations.