Aug 28, 2016

Emergency Response Team

Employer: Global Elite Group
Location: Tampa Fl USA

Compensation: $300.00 per day, minimum seven (7) day commitment for deployment.
This is a per diem job.
This is a contract job.


Global Emergency Management (GEM) provides security for critical infrastructure and recovery work located in areas affected by natural disasters. We are looking for qualified armed and unarmed security individuals to assist us in providing security at fixed posts, patrolling on foot or by motor vehicle, clearing abandoned facilities, and escorting persons or property. We are currently setting up an inventory of on-call independent contractors who are available for per diem deployment to disaster areas. Currently we are looking for individuals to work in the South Eastern United States.

To qualify, GEM is looking for personnel who:
Effectively interact with the public, giving directions and responding to inquiries in a reasonable tone and manner
Maintain focus and awareness in an environment containing numerous distractions, people and noisy conditions (alarms, machinery, distractions, time pressures, disruptive or angry civilians)
Can stand and remain standing for periods of up to 12 hours or more without sitting
Are able to lift an object weighing 90 pounds and/or assist another individual (from the ground)
Make effective, clear decisions in both routine and crisis situations
Willingness to work in poor weather conditions (rain, wind, heat)
Must be willing to sleep in temporary shelters, typically for first 24-48 hours of a deployment (cars, camping tents) and then take residence in communal facilities as the situation develops (large tents, trailer, RV, etc)
Be able to operate radio or telephone equipment
Armed agents must have a current firearms license valid in any of the gulf coast states of the southeastern United States
Unarmed agents must have a current unarmed security agent license or registration valid in any of the gulf coast states of the southeastern United States.

All applicants must pass tests, interviews and other evaluations demonstrating necessary skills/abilities for job performance. These requirements include, but are not limited to:
English Proficiency, reading, writing, speaking, and listening
Interpersonal skills: customer service, honesty, integrity and dependability
Physical aptitude: repeatedly lifting and carrying objects up to 90 pounds, rapid movement from one location to another, self defense
Work Values: responsibility, honesty, integrity
Pass a 10 year background investigation, including a criminal check

Global Emergency Management (GEM) is in the process of identifying qualified and motivated US citizens who meet all of the following criteria:
-Will be subject to criminal background screening.
-Educated to a minimum standard of high school diploma or GED equivalent
-Minimum of three (3) full years experience, within the last five years, in law enforcement, armed security, or military service
-Be able to work flexible schedules
-Must be able to guarantee working a deployment for a minimum of 7 days at any given location.