Aug 29, 2016

Crime Scene Analysis Instructor

Employer: American Systems

American Systems is seeking a seasoned candidate to perform as a Crime Scene Instructor on our SATMO Lebanon Comprehensive Training Program in Beirut Lebanon . The Instructor will develop course curriculum and provide classroom instruction on basic and special techniques employed in crime scene investigations.

The students for this course will be Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) Military Police and Intelligence Officers, and will be taught in Beirut, Lebanon. This Security Assistance Training Team is one of several being provided to the
LAF in support of increasing the Lebanese Armed Forces' operational readiness. This training team is part of a Security Assistance Training Program that directly supports US Foreign Policy and the execution of Department of Defense Security Cooperation Plans and Programs. This is the seventh year of a multi-year US Assistance program.

Instructors are responsible for leveraging their expertise to deliver education services to students through:
Delivering courses
Monitoring progress/attendance
Advising students

Recording grades and submitting reports
Preparing course plans and materials

The Instructor must be proficient in the following crime scene subjects:
Evidence Photography in Crime Scene
Crime Scene Documentation
Fingerprint Lifting
Computerizing Soldiers and Detainees Fingerprints
Centralizing Fingerprints
Building of fingerprints database
Secure Investigate and Document Blast Scene
Determining Bullets Target
Description and Analyzing Wounds
Determining Shooting Distance
GSR Kit Analysis Explosive Analysis (Different Components)
Construction of digital crime scene photos including all evidence with scales and location
Finding Biological Traces and Fluids in Crime Scene
Finding glasses traces and fibers and paint traces in crime scene and matching with suspects and tools
Computer Detainees Photos Data Base Building
Comparison of Face Photos in Data Base
Face Recognition Based on Building and Drawing Suspect Photos

Work Location: Beirut Lebanon.

For over 12 years, AMERICAN SYSTEMS has supported the delivery of training services to foreign military personnel and units in support of US foreign assistance programs. We offer a very competitive compensation and benefit package and there are no upfront out of pocket expenses for persons hired. All travel and transportation arrangements will be made and paid for by AMERICAN SYSTEMS. Living expenses are paid by AMERICAN SYSTEMS with all employees living in western-style secure accommodations. Individual hired will be a full-time salaried employee of AMERICAN SYSTEMS. There is no requirement/authorization to carry firearms.

Job Requirements

Bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience. One (1) year of professional work experience may be substituted for one (1) year of education.
Instructor certification from an accredited academic institution, local, state, or federal law enforcement institution or military organization, including on-line courses.
5 or more years experience managing and processing the collection of evidence at crime scenes as a sworn or non-sworn law enforcement officer for federal, military, state, or local law enforcement for a minimum four (4) years.
Experience instructing crime scene investigation courses in an adult education program, college, or law enforcement training program.
Completion of advanced training in the field of crime scene investigations by a recognized federal, military, state, or local law enforcement training provider.

Candidates must be physically capable to endure strenuous activities in austere conditions.
Physical requirements may include lifting objects up to 50 pounds, standing outdoors for two hours at a time without a break in 80 degree weather conditions with up to 80% humidity
.Candidates must be versed in, and capable of developing a Program of Instruction (POI) in a limited amount of time using available materials and publications.
Must meet the USCENTCOM C-JTSCC 952.225-0009 Medical Screening And Vaccination Requirements For Contractor Employees Operating In The CENTCOM Area Of Responsibility (AOR)(Aug 2011)
Ability to present proof of recent negative HIV test. (Although Lebanon does not require any specific immunizations, candidate should have current immunizations as listed on the US State Department and CDC’s websites for travel to Lebanon.)
Must possess a current US Tourist Passport (with no Israeli stamps). (Passport must not expire within 12-months of being hired.)
Candidate must be drug-free with ability to successfully pass drug screening test.
Ability to pass a comprehensive background check.
Ability to effectively conduct cross-cultural communications and deliver training/instruction with the use of an interpreter.