Aug 5, 2016

Counterintelligence (CI) Support Specialist , Afghanistan

Recruiter: Mission Essential
Location: Afghanistan
Close Date:7/11/17

Conducts screenings, supports security/OPSEC/force protection programs and produces timely written reports andassessments. Provides direct support to CI Teams and Counterintelligence Support Teams (CST)s, as appropriate. The CI shall provide routine and recurring support to CI and HUMINT activities from fixed andsecure locations (defined, bases, camps and installations). CI Support Specialists conduct activities such as debriefing of personnel, coordination with installation units/personnel,support to OPSEC/SAEDA awareness programs, CI/security assessments, screening of locally employed persons (LEP screening), initial handling of walk-in sources, CI support to force protection, intelligence report writing/quality control, support to CI investigations or SAEDA cases, CI activities, and can support other operations within the scope of this SOW. CI Support Specialists can also serve as a part of a CST and will be equipped to travel to and operate from multiple fixed sites within an assigned AD and in accordance with unit procedures, but will not conduct intelligence activities outside of secure areas (as defined above). Under no circumstances will contractor personnel be employed in direct support of combat operations, used to conduct source operations, CI investigations or SAEDA investigations. Additionally contractor personnel will not direct or supervise Government personnel, be issued badges or credentials, or conduct interrogations. Contractor personnel may not conduct or directly participate in interrogations under any circumstances.CI Support Specialists will provide examination support in conducting Preliminary Credibility AssessmentScreening System (PCASS) examinations as required by ISAF/USFOR-A and consistent with applicable policyand SOPs.

Minimum Requirements
Counterintelligence Support Specialist
This position requires individuals to be government trained counterintelligence agents with a minimum of 4 years of experience; however, on a case by case basis, a DoD HUMINT officer or a badge and credentialed Law Enforcement officer with at least 6 years on an accredited Local/State/or Federal Law Enforcement Agency is acceptable. The contractor shall be knowledgeable of Army/Joint counterintelligence procedures, doctrine and practices; and data processing systems such as CIDNE, DSOMS, CHIMS or its replacement system and SIPRNET search engines.
The CI Support Specialist must be experienced in working with and through interpreters, interview and solicitation techniques, CI principles and methods, development of screening/interview/debriefing plans, and evaluation of information requiring further investigation.
This position requires former military occupational specialty (MOS) 35L/M, 351L/M, 35E, or civilian 1811 or 0132 badged and credentialed CI Agent or DoD joint service equivalents.
This position requires current Secret Clearance, with TS preferred; knowledge of the Dari or Pashto language and Afghan culture a plus.

(A REFERRAL FEE OF UP TO $1,000 IS OFFERED FOR THIS POSITION. Referral fee amounts can vary depending upon job position and are subject to change. Ask recruiter for details.)