Aug 4, 2016

Alarm and Security Specialist / Assistant Site Manager , Japan

Employer: Fluor
Location: Japan

Please Note: This position is contingent upon contract award.

Job Description 
Alarm and Security Specialist: Responsible for all aspects of Security and Alarm system at the Shariki, Japan site, including infared security system, integrated security system, security locks and pressure switches.

Assistant Site Manager: Assist the Site Manager as needed with superviseing and coordinating site operations, departments, services and activities within assigned AOR. Assists Site Manager as needed to leadssite operations in a manner that ensures ongoing compliance with applicable contractual, statutory
and procedural requirements. Coordinates and schedules activities of departments to ensure that support services are provided on a timely basis. Reports the status of the assigned organization to management. Investigates technical and operational issues to determine their cause and recommends
resolution. Provides technical and operational guidance. Leads the effective operation of site functions and services; develops and implements improvement initiatives as needed.

Other responsibilities per the PWS.

As directed by management, may supervise employees or subcontractor personnel in accordance with the “General Supervisory Duties and Responsibilities” addendum.
Basic Job Requirements The Alarm and Security Specialist shall have a minimum of high school diploma or GED equivalent and 8 years’ experience related to the requirements and qualifications necessary to manage and perform the task. Inspect, test, and maintain systems.

Must have knowledge of: Principles of electronics and electricity; types, capacity, and purpose of low voltage circuits, circuit breakers, switches, fuses, regulators, relays, instruments, and meters associated with the skills and ability to inspect, test, and maintain security and alarm systems; interpreting instrument and meter readings; wiring diagrams, schematics, drawings and technical publications; use and purpose of applicable test equipment; safety rules and practices; environmental policies; principles of management; and operation and repair of on-site fire alarm and security systems.