Jul 26, 2016

Tactical/Operation Intelligence Analyst

Employer: Mission Essential
Location: Afghanistan
Close Date:7/11/17

Functions as a part of an intelligence analytical team of military and/or DoD civilian analysts in support of CJ2 analytical requirements. The Intelligence Analyst is responsible for analysis, reporting, databasing and dissemination of Afghanistan measures of stability which include security, governance and development, Human Terrain Analysis, preparation of provincial and district assessments and Campaign and Mission Analysis briefings and annexes, High Value Individual Targeting products, Extremist and Regional Threat Network Nodal Analysis, Preparation of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Assessment Metrics which include daily imagery intelligence (IMINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Human Intelligence (HUMINT) products to gauge the effectiveness of collection operations, 24/7 Indications & Warning withstanding and all-source exploitation of documents and media from detainees. 

(A REFERRAL FEE OF UP TO $1,000 IS OFFERED FOR THIS POSITION. Referral fee amounts can vary depending upon job position and are subject to change. Ask recruiter for details.)

Minimum Requirements
Minimum of 6 years analytical experience within DoD or equivalent Government agencies required, with operational level experience preferred.
Experience in either CT, Afghanistan, South West Asia regional issues and HUMINT or political/military analysis desired.
Bachelor’s Degree
Submission of an unclassified analytical writing sample on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Al Qaida, the Taliban, the Haqqani network or the HIG (250 words minimum) with resume.
Must be proficient in utilizing basic computer applications and intelligence related automation to support analytical efforts and product development.
Strong research and writing skills and capability to effectively operate as a member of a strategic level analytical team in the accomplishment of intelligence products and assessments.
Former MOS 1N, 35F, 350F, 18F, 35D, 34A or equivalent.
Top Secret/SCI clearance.