Jul 4, 2016

Staff Officer (Security and Training) , Afghanistan

Employer: RS (Resolute Support)
Location: Afghanistan
Post Number: RSA RHS 0050
Application Closing Date: 24 July 2016

Post Description:

The incumbent executes training and security awareness functions for all RS mission-employed and NATO deployed civilian personnel.

Principle Duties:

Executes a continuous risk management program, advises Civilian Personnel Office Manager (CPOM) on the ongoing threat situation and ensures RS mission-employed civilians are trained and equipped appropriately to mitigate the probability and severity of a health, safety, or security related incident. Provides information, in-theatre training and any required equipment to deployed NATO civilian staff.

Develops and implements methods to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of applicable safety and security policies.

Seeks/receives, evaluates, and distributes medical, health, safety, and security related information and reports from the field, by liaising with internal and external organizations.

Alerts appropriate personnel to specific threats and security developments; theatre wide or regional, by providing information, guidance, direction, and recommendations to reduce risk exposure through various forms of communication.

Responsible for the design and delivery of pro-active and responsive training products, courses, information distribution solutions, and other interventions to meet constantly evolving priorities, mission requirements, and threats.

Responsible for the procurement, stocking, issuing and accountability of personal protective equipment for all staff and work clothing for local civilian hire staff.

Coordinates training with all relevant internal stakeholders.

Maintains CPO contingency plans.

Represents CPO in security related matters.

Coordinates with higher Headquarters to ensure applicable NATO/ACO policies are implemented in theatre.

Coordinates with the theatre Personnel Recovery (PR) Officer to ensure mission-employed and deployed NATO staff are incorporated in PR procedures and policies. Additional Duties:

The incumbent may be required to perform a similar range of duties elsewhere within the organisation at the same grade without there being any change to the contract.Essential Qualifications:


5-7 years of experience as security professional in a civilian mission context in high and medium risk environment, including threat analysis, drafting of security risk assessments, risk management, drafting a Mission Security Plan including Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Contingency Plans.

Experience developing, coordinating, and delivering training. Must have the ability to research and write training packages to address health, safety, and security issues related to working in a medium and high risk environment, and aligned with the Commanders guidance.

Previous experience as a military member or within a military (or police) environment.

Experience in reading, analysing, and interpreting professional documents, technical procedures, governmental regulations, intelligence reporting, and military/police briefings.

Previous experience with occupational health and safety risk management programs.


Certified in Security/Safety Management

Certified Trainer for emergency medical training/trauma management programs.

Mandatory educational requirement:

University level education in Security/Safety Management or related area.


Higher Secondary education and completed advanced vocational training leading to a professional qualification or professional accreditation with 5 years post related experience in the field of security, safety and training.


English: Good level of written and spoken language skills

NOTE: The work both oral and written in this post and in this Headquarters as a whole is conducted in English.

Standard Automatic Data Processing Knowledge

Working knowledge of Word, Spreadsheet, Graphics Presentation, Database, eMail Clients/Web Browsers

Desirable Qualifications


Previous experience in a Military organization,

Previous experience with Human Resources policies and practices.

Qualification and experience in Critical Incident Stress Management.

Specific Experience:

Experience in working with UNDSS, UN AFPs, INGOs and NGO or similar organization in security related matters.

Deployment experience


Personnel Recovery Officer.

Instruction of Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) or similar deployment training.

Formal qualification/certification as a trainer.

Personal Attributes

The incumbent must be able to work autonomously in developing and meeting defined CPO objectives and timelines within broadly established civilian personnel policies and procedures, setting priorities based on professional judgement.

Must display a very high level of both organisational and inter-personal sensitivity, diplomacy, courtesy and tact, along with strong communication skills, to ensure necessary interaction at all levels, within and outside the organization.

Must display a high level of fluency and clarity of expression, both oral and written, with a specific ability to handle details, to interpret and explain written and statistical data to a wide-ranging audience, and to convey difficult and challenging information to managers and staff, as required.

Must display excellent initiative and pragmatism to develop and propose new policy and changes to existing policies. In addition to integrity, flexibility, and discretion, must possess critical thinking skills combined with the ability to plan and organize, displaying the highest sense of commitment to the Organization and to the job.

Managerial Responsibilities


Professional Contacts

Regular professional contacts with others inside and/or outside immediate organisation on functional matters. Solicits/gives information and provides advice/guidance.

Contribution to the Objectives

Work involves the provision of information or analysis of part of a task assisting others to take action within the organisation.

Work Environment

The work is normally performed in a typical Office / Secure Facility environment. Slightly Undesirable Conditions apply. The risk of injury is categorised as: No Risk

Benefit Package: Monthly salary of € 6,219.00 (Tax free in the host country). Daily Allowance of € 84.68 while working in Afghanistan. Installation allowance of ½ initial monthly basic salary. Start and End of Contract paid transportation from residence to theatre and return. Two days of annual leave per month. 7 days "Leave from Theatre" plus reimbursement of travel expenses up to 1000 Euro for every 6 months spent in Theatre. Medical Insurance from Cigna (including death and disability coverage), small fee charged plus 50% of monthly premium covered by RS HQ. Free accommodation in the camp. Meals of good/reasonable quality available to purchase. Laundry is at a nominal charge through the contracted laundry company. Clothing Allowance of 400 Euro per year. Medical and Immunization package prior to deployment. Meal allowance of 2.33 EUR per day.

If interested, please apply in accordance with the General Information for applicants provided through the following link:



We also do not accept Resumes or CV’s in lieu of the official RS Application form as noted in the “General Information for Applicants”