Jul 25, 2016

Security Officer

Location: Turkey
Closing date: 02 Aug 2016
Vacancy Ref. no: MF-HR/16-022 
(open to Syrian National only)
Position Summary:
The Security Officer is responsible for assessing, planning and monitoring the programme’s response to security challenges in its areas of operation in Syria and Turkey . Maintains safe and secure environment for employees

Main Duties and Responsibilities
Operational planning, in collaboration with the programme’s other work streams and with external programmes for project proposals, provide thorough, actionable security assessments, with recommendations for programme activity, laying out plans and gaps in security provision in new areas of operation.
Develop and maintain a network of contacts within expected areas of operation, providing information relevant to security assessments.
Maintains Access staff database;
In close coordination with the research team, conduct pre-assessments of security in focus areas, including the present situation and relevant actors, and realistic future scenarios.
Maintains environment by monitoring and setting building and equipment controls.
Maintains organization's stability and reputation by complying with legal requirements.
Define and monitor thresholds and red lines – changes to the security environment which would allow, or force, a change in programming or activity in an area.
Plan and potentially implement security training workshops with project partners.
Liaise regularly with ASI’s field security team, acting as the point of contact for the programme’s forward planning relevant to the security of our field staff.
Produce regular updates on security in areas where the programme has live projects.( Syria - Turkey)
Prepare written stand-alone security assessments on an ad hoc basis as required
Document the security assessment process, retaining evidence that due process has been followed.

Qualifications & Requirements:
Bachelor's degree in a related field such as business or computing
Expert in security assessment in conflict zones.
At least two years of work experience relevant to the role described above.
Ability to communicate effectively with a range of local stakeholders..
Very good working knowledge of (office communication, computer, data entry and maintenance, phone, inter-/intranet);
Ability to work under pressure,
Internal and external communication skills;
Discretion, flexibility, commitment and dedication;
Language skills : Fluency in reading, writing in English and Arabic
Organisation, thoroughness and great attention to detail.

How To Apply:
Interested candidate are kindly requested to send CV and cover letter via-email to:  xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.org before 2 August 2016 and include the Vacancy Reference number in the subject line. No telephone inquiries, please. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

(any email do not have in the subject job code will not be of interest)