Jul 8, 2016

Security Officer

Employer: Olive/Constellis Group
Location: Global
Job Code HC/JC/650/2015

Olive Group has recently been successful in winning a contract with UNOPS whereby we will provide professional and technical labour services in High Risk Areas (Initially Europe and Asia, although this could quickly expand to other areas -namely, Africa, Middle East, and Central and South America). We are seeking resumes/CVs from suitably qualified individuals for this position.

General description of duties:

The Security Officer will effectively implement all appropriate risk management strategies related to the safety and security of project personnel, and the protection of assets in projects. Specifically, the Security Officer will promote a high level of security awareness amongst personnel and ensure that security procedures and policies are implemented throughout the country.

· Provide security related training to all project personnel prior to deployment and in the field in accordance with the UNOPS Standard Operating Procedures SOPs;

· Ensure that changes to security policies/standards are disseminated in a timely manner to the appropriate UNOPS offices, their Personnel and other stakeholders as required;

· Develop a close working relationship with UNDSS Personnel in the Country of Service and maintain a comprehensive working knowledge of the UN Security system;

· Conduct security assessments as required, to ensure that effective mitigation strategies have been implemented to counter country-specific threats. Evaluate and test evacuation/emergency plans to ensure they are compatible with existing UNDSS plans;

· Audit office emergency/contingency plans to ensure effective implementation including rehearsals to assess Personnel familiarity with emergency measures;

· Ensure that UNOPS and UNDSS training procedures and policies are followed and that all training meets recognized standards;

· Provide training for UNOPS national and international Personnel in order to enhance security awareness and promote a solid organizational safety culture;

· Work closely with the Logistics, Operations and other key stakeholders to ensure that all projects are implemented with the highest degree of Personnel safety and security, throughout regions specific to your area of responsibility;

· Provide regular field based training and pro-actively encourage all Personnel to follow UNOPS and UNDSS mission security guidelines and procedures;

· As required and in coordination with the Project Manager and Security Coordinator, manage administrative, logistic and budgetary issues related to mission safety and security programs/tablerocedures including Nationally hired office Personnel and security personnel;

· Perform other duties as assigned by the Project Manager and Security Coordinator related to Personnel safety and security.


· The Security Officer shall work under the supervision and direction of the UNOPS Chief of Security, Security Coordinator or Project Manager, as the organization requires.

Minimum Qualifications & Experience Required:

· Solid military or police academy qualifications with a focus on security and related operations;

· Additional experience in the United Nations missions, international peacekeeping, humanitarian or emergency operations, strategic security planning/analysis and advanced security training with national or international security agencies or private organizations is highly desirable;

· At least seven (7) years of progressively responsible experience in security operations and information management in a police or military environment. Proven operational unit or sub-unit command, Personnel mentoring and leadership experience required;

· Fluency in written and spoken English;

· A high level of computer literacy in Microsoft Office suite of programs;

· An excellent command of both written and spoken English;

· Excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills, including ability to collaborate with police, military and government officials on a wide array of security matters;

· Proven ability to work in difficult conditions and in stressful and high risk environment;

· Dedication, pro-active/creative thinking, flexibility and aptitude to work in team-oriented structures.

12. Security Specialist

General description of duties:

Under the overall supervision of the requesting UN agency’s CO Representative/OIC, the incumbent is tasked with assisting the CO management in implementing UN and UN agency’s security policy and devising security solutions that will enable UN agency’s programmes and projects to be delivered in a safe and secure manner. The incumbent is also responsible for advising UN agency’s personnel, project personnel, and their eligible dependents present at the duty station on safety and security.

Programme Development and Implementation

· Provide guidance on safety and security and best practices during the Humanitarian operations.

· Assist in the implementation of required security measures and security operational protocols in the mission area and ensure the safety and security of personnel, assets and operations.

· Liaise daily with UNDSS, UN Peacekeeping Mission (if applicable) and UN Police on security related issues.

· Ensure that the requesting UN agency’s personnel and personnel are updated on security related issues and are in compliance with required safety and security measures.

· Assist in the MOSS and MORSS compliance.

· Track all field missions/visits to IDP camps and other project areas.

· Ensure that emergency contingency plans are in place and operational.

· Provide training to the requesting UN agency’s personnel with regard to emergency contingency plans.

· Ensure that up to date lists of the requesting UN agency’s personnel and personnel are maintained and submitted to the Regional Security Adviser and Office of the Security Coordinator.

· Ensure that the requesting UN agency’s Warden system is operational and linked to the UN Security Plan.

· Ensure that radio communications protocols are adhered to and train personnel in the use of radio communications and related issues.

· Coordinate static security requirements, i.e. accommodation, camps and logistic base office space, IDP camps, distribution points, etc.

· Coordinate with UNPOL, UN Peacekeeping Mission (where applicable) and DSS regarding mobile security requirements for the requesting UN agency’s operations.

· Report to RSA and OSC for operational guidance and support.

· Undertake any other tasks as directed by the Security Coordinator and/or the requesting UN agency’s Representative.


The incumbent must have demonstrable qualifications and experience in the following areas

· Advanced university degree in social or political science, law or public administration or equivalent formal training in security and risk management such as military and/or police command personnel college.

· 5 years command experience in a police or military position, two years of which is field experience as a United Nations Field Security Officer, Chief Security Officer or Agency Security Officer desirable.

· Direct experience in the United Nations Security Management System desirable, with proven crisis management capabilities.

· Knowledge of UN Security Management System, practices and procedures highly desirable.

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