Jul 11, 2016

Security Manager

Employer: Centerra Group, LLC
Location Philippines -Manila


Centerra Group, LLC, formerly known as G4S Government Solutions, Inc. is the world’s leading international government solutions group, specializing in sectors where security, safety and mitigation of operational risk are considered strategic necessities. Centerra has evolved beyond security and fire support services, and continues to diversify and expand offerings primarily through organic growth and select targeted acquisitions. Centerra is now recognized as a major provider of integrated facilities support services for government and top commercial customers. Centerra’s lines of business include Security, Nuclear Surety, Fire and Emergency Services, Base Operations Support (BOS), Facilities, Fleet, Construction and Training services.

Centerra is seeking a Security Manager to work in the Manil, Philippines area.

Duties include but are not limited to:
*Developing and implementing DODI 5200.1 Information Security Program (latest version)
*Complying and coordinating with DoD Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (ATFP) protocols and other directives and standards including but not limited to DoD ATFP Handbook 2000.12 series (latest version)
*PACOM OPORD 5050.08 (latest version) which is For Official Use Only
*DOD Combating Terrorism Program Standards 2000.16 (latest version)
*Implementing the necessary and appropriate measures for reducing the vulnerability of Government and Contractor individuals and property to terrorist acts.
*Coordinating with DoD Command Security and Anti Terrorism Officer (ATO) regarding threat environment assessments.
*The Government will provide the Contractor the relevant portions of Government regulatory guidance listed above and the current template for ATFP plans.

The Security Manager will be responsible for compiling, coordinating and submitting accurate and up-to-date ATFP plans for all Contractor (including subcontractor) personnel traveling to the Philippines, and must ensure the required Theater and Country clearances have been approved prior to their arrival in the Philippines.

*Able to maintain a secret security clearance and shall be a US citizen.
*Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts or Science Degree from a U.S. or equivalent accredited college or university or equivalent institution. Equivalent experience may be substituted for an education degree.
*The Security Manager shall have at least three (3) years of continuous experience in performing Security management functions in a multi-function base operations environment including ATFP and Physical Security programs. Experience in a management or supervisory capacity in a remote/contingency location with a multi-national work force and Anti Terrorism Level II Training is highly desirable.