Jul 12, 2016

Security Expert - Malaysia

Employer: WDS Global Partners LLC
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

WDS is seeking a contract Security Expert for a client based in Malaysia.

Brief Work Scope:
Diagnose and conduct gap analysis in individual and Operator's organizational Emergency Response, Crisis Management, Business Continuity Management & Security capability and facilitate effective communications with all relevant stakeholders.
Provide technical support and recommendations for actual business continuity, emergency and/or security incident situations;
Provide continual improvement of Operator's Emergency Response, Crisis Management, Business Continuity Management & Security plans and procedures by integrating learnings and improvements;
Part of this role will be ensuring and testing the state of readiness, by undertaking Emergency Response, Crisis Management, Business Continuity Management and Security exercise scenarios (working with other service providers, contractors) and support of any subsequent follow- up actions from the drills and exercises;
Prepare, implement and maintain regulatory requirements and the oil and gas industry best practices; the required plans and procedures to support the framework and processes utilized by Petrofac Malaysia;
Develop, design and conduct of Tier- 1 & 2 (IMT & CST) type of major simulation exercise for each asset incorporating role-playing as well as conducting debrief, post exercise report and "hot wash-up" session for members;
Deliver and carry out integrated and simulated combined exercises between On/Offshore, Supply Base, Business Continuity Center, and relevant Operator's assets.
Produce and maintain regular update and briefing to Client in the form of meetings and/or presentation template to ensure that all activities and commercials are being monitored and tracked and within budget.

The WDS Global Partners LLC management team is composed of 25 to 30-plus years of experience in offshore, (primarily deepwater) drilling operations and rig build projects, as well as in operations and maintenance integrity management. In today's economy where every dollar counts, our clients are looking for investment cost efficiency from the "Appraise" through the "Execute" stages of their projects. WDS offers key operational and technical management experience built on years of knowledge acquired by working for and with the largest oil and gas operators and drilling contractors in the industry.

We understand what our clients want to accomplish, and we know how to help them achieve their goals. Safety incidents, environmental events and non-productive time can seriously impact company profits to unacceptable levels. WDS comprehensively identifies operational, project delivery and maintenance risks to client investments, and then proposes practical recommendations and mitigations for these risks.

WDS provides services to oil and gas operators, drilling rig contractors, equipment providers and project teams. Our company offers technical support services in three areas:

Project Management
Drilling and Completions Operations
Operations and Maintenance Integrity Management