Jul 24, 2016

Security Assistance Mentors and Advisors (Iraq)

Employer:IDS International
Location: Iraq

Why IDS?

IDS personnel have built a strong reputation for their unparalleled depth of multi-disciplinary expertise in the 3Ds - defense, development, and diplomacy. We maintain an extensive network of interagency and smart power experts who have recently served in complex operations environments. Since 2001, IDS has helped develop multi-disciplinary solutions to government and private sector challenges. Our subject matter experts in civil-military operations, human terrain research and analysis, training and capacity building work closely with customers to create solutions that cross boundaries and reflect best practices.

Position Description
*Please note, this position is based in Iraq, with locations including Baghdad and Erbil.

Candidates shall provide advice and assistance to Office of Security Cooperation - Iraq (OSC-I) senior personnel in their mission to support the Government of Iraq (GoI), in particular the Ministry of Defense (MoD), Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service (CTS), and the Ministry of Peshmerga (MoP), cognizant of the goals of reducing tensions between Arabs & Kurds, and Sunni and Shi’as. Candidates shall assist the military and government personnel assigned to OSC-I in the assessment of MoD, CTS, or MoP processes, policies, and systems and then advising, coaching, mentoring, training, and liaising with MoD, CTS, or MoP officials to improve and refine these processes, policies, and systems.

Integration of military and civilian elements of the Ministry Headquarters
Manage operational and administrative planning requirements to include: suspense, schedules, and strategic and operational plans
Development of a daily rhythm to meet all requirements within the parameters of available resources
Development and scheduling of key leader engagement strategies to enhance advisor effectiveness and leverage systematic improvement in OSC-I capabilities, as well as coordination at the highest levels of leadership
Prepare and deliver briefings to senior military officials on the status of the MoD staff, systems, programs and transition progress.

Required Qualifications
US SECRET clearance
Bachelor’s Degree
Fluent in Arabic (proficiency in Kurdu for MoP)
Possess a sound and current working knowledge of MoD organizational structure and operations.
Previous strategic experience with US Forces in Iraq since 2011 as a civilian contractor or as a uniformed service member.
Significant knowledge, education, and experience in civil-military relations in a democratic government
Excellent written and oral communications skills.
Microsoft Office proficient

Desired Qualifications
Master’s Degree in Middle Eastern Studies/Culture.
One year or more experience working with Iraqi Ministry of Defense Officials