Jul 15, 2016

Movement Specialist

Employer: Atlas Advisors
Location: Overseas

Position Description 
The Movement Specialist executes the movement of staff between commercial/military airfields and billeting while supporting both intra- and inter-theater transportation activities. The Movement Specialist will be familiar with the local area and knowledgeable of processing personnel through the commercial/military airfields. They will also ensure all Movement notices and accountability reports are accurate, complete, and timely. The Movement Specialist will be expected to assist travelers with their luggage and equipment and must be able to lift up to 30 kgs on a repetitive basis during a 12 hour shift.

• Provide briefings for transient personnel concerning travel requirements and instructions for AORs.
• Complete required LMC paperwork for all travelers.
• Report all incidents to the appropriate chain of management and complete required incident reports in a timely fashion.
• Assists in maintaining 100% accountability of transit personnel and implement effective system and controls.
• Other ad hoc duties as directed by ATLAS chain of management
• Maintain accountability of OC&IE, to include PPE and other assigned property.
* Maintain professional appearance and conduct at all times.

Minimum Qualifications 
• Other Country National (OCN) Preferred. Non-US Citizens
• Excellent physical condition
• Previous experience supporting the US military and/or Coalition Partners
• Valid Passport
• Driver’s license
• FBI Investigation Flies (name check search)
• Name Check against Terrorist Screening Database.
• 7 year local agency check
• Force Protection / Counter Intelligence (FP/CI) Screening
• Ability to successful pass Mod 10 Medical Screening Requirements which include but are not limited to the following:

o Immunizations
* Hepatitis A
* Typhoid
* Varicella
* Hepatitis B
* Anthrax
* Polio
* Tetanus
* Small Pox

o Physical Examination
* Satisfactory BMI
* Blood Pressure
* Respiratory
* Cardiac
* Psychiatric
* Neurological
* Endocrine
* Vision
* Dental
* Overall Health

o Investigations for the following:

* Hematology Blood Group
* Chemistry Panel
* Microscopy Urine/Stool
* TB ‐ Chest X‐Ray
* Hepatitis A
* Hepatitis B
* Hepatitis C
* Malaria/Typhoid 

• Willing to travel overseas and work in austere environment and potential combat zones
• Must be team oriented; Must work well with little supervision
• Adequate English Skills (Speaking/Reading/Written)
• Basic Computer Skills (Microsoft Office, Internet, Email)

• Competitive compensation package
• Dynamic and challenging position with growth opportunities
• DBA (Defense Base Act) Coverage
• Medical Care while Deployed

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