Jul 3, 2016

Loss Prevention Specialist , Italy

Employer: DFS Italia S.r.L. (Italy)
Location: Italy

Reference No.: DFS00041Experience required: Minimum 2 years
Loss Prevention Specialist will carry out routine inspections to ensure a secure building, deter criminals, increase the amount of goods recovered, increase the number of colleague and customer apprehensions, carry out investigations into theft and criminal activity and use all of the security equipment to full potential.

Loss Prevention Specialist supports the implementation of strategic initiatives that significantly reduce/ minimize areas of risk related to security, stock loss/ shrinkage, safety, and contingency/ crisis management.

Protect and safeguard all Company's assets and property as well the protection and saving of lives of all employees and customers within the store or premises
Ensure that Company Loss Prevention and Security Policies are applied consistently across the Management communicating problem areas to the Store Management Team, Loss Prevention Manager
Ensure that all security equipment is fully utilized and managed effectively, identifying and resolving Loss Prevention and Security training deficiencies through the delivery of centrally prepared training modules to store personnel
Establish and maintain good working relationships with all levels of operational management, providing regular analysis of security awareness against loss reduction targets and shrinkage budgets
Ensure that the intruder alarm is maintained correctly and tested on a regular basis, and conduct random spot checks to minimize stock loss.
Assist in the opening and closing of the shop and shall control all movement of merchandise/ personal belongings in and out of the shop floor
Assist in "Cash/ Merchandise In Transit Operation" by escorting such staff involved in the transaction/transfer.
Investigates into stock losses and influencing the areas requiring priority action.
Liaise with Management to identify Loss Trends and liaise with neighboring stores in order to exchange criminal intelligence. Loss Prevention Officer will also identify crime trends and offenders using the Loss Report & Apprehension Reports
Be alert to potential areas of pilferage and shrinkage and report any loss uncovered to his supervisor for immediate action
Prevent Company losses by attending and supporting the activities of the In-Store Loss Prevention through briefing
Assist in completing and maintaining an updated risk assessment for stores by, communicating security deficiencies to the Store Management Team, Loss Prevention Manager
Ensure that all security incidents are reported to the Store Management Team, Loss Prevention Manager in an effective and timely way
Maintain effective liaison with other Loss Prevention Agents, exchanging information and intelligence in order to assist with Loss Prevention and Security initiatives
Ensure that the potential shoplifters are kept under close surveillance and that all shoplifters are apprehended strictly in accordance with Company Policy/ Instruction ensuring that the Company is protected from any legal liabilities. Attend and give evidence in courts, industrial tribunals and disciplinary hearings when required
Attend and contribute to local crime initiatives, ensuring the Company derives maximum benefit from its participation and that all initiatives are in line with current Loss Prevention and Security policy and best practice
Ensure that Fire safety and emergency procedures are in place and that Fire evacuation routines are established and regularly rehearsed. Assess Fire Risk across store base/ offices and warehouses and ensure audit compliance
Conduct in a manner, which is not prejudicial to the conduct, discipline or behavior reflecting the good image of the Loss Prevention Department
Maintain a high degree of security proficiency by being knowledgeable of his duties and responsibilities. To this end, Loss Prevention Officer will be given appropriate training and kept informed of changes in the Company
Perform any other duties, which may not be security in nature, which is for the expediency of shop operation


Responsible for the protection of company properties and lives
Ensures that security procedures and the company's house rules are strictly adhered to

Secondary education Level
2 years related experience in Retail Security in a similar capacity
Good English Language

a good team player
Communicate effectively
Knowledge & application of computer would be an advantage
Tactful and has a genuine interest in helping others
Must have a high level of integrity and be trustworthy
Willing to work long hours