Jul 23, 2016

French speaking International Guard Supervisor (IGS)

Employer: GardaWorld
Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Closing date for applications: Sunday 24 July 2016

GardaWorld now seeks applications from suitably qualified and experienced contractors for potential hire for a contract in Haiti (Subject to confirmation)

Start Date

Approx 25 August 2016 (subject to Haiti visa processing/Client Approval & Induction)

GardaWorld will offer a competitive monthly rate plus an equivalent per diem allowance paid monthly to cover all living & accommodation expenses. (Contractor will only be paid for days spent on-duty) Payment of fee will be made in Euro €.


6 weeks on, 6 weeks off (subject to operational requirements) to include 24hr handover/takeover (HOTO) period where the both International Security Manager shall be present on site.

Duration of Task

Enduring (subject to future review)

Travel Pay

Travel pay is one half of the On-Duty rate for day(s) spent travelling from the contractor’s country of residence to the place of work (max of 2 days) and on return to the country of residence (max of 2 days).There is no £75 travel allowance applicable on this project placement.


GardaWorld will provide the Independent Contractor with appropriate insurance and life support this will be located onsite with the clients.

The ISM will be accommodated in place of your choosing – subject to approval by the GardaWorld In-Country management team

Flight Package:

The Hub Airport designated by the Company for the Consultant will be located in EUROPE and will be the most cost effective option available to the Company at the time of booking a flight. Operational effectiveness will also be considered when booking the flight. Such Hub Airport may not be the one geographically closest to Consultant’s residence and, as such, may require Consultant paying for the cost to and from such airport or making up the difference if Consultant resides outside EUROPE

For example: If the cost to deploy GW Contractor from his local airport hub to HAITI is more than GBP1000 then any additional costs will be borne by the contractor

Further information can be found in the GardaWorld Contractor Travel SOI, copy will provided upon acceptance

Hiring Credentials
* 5 years relevant experience in a similar role
* European or equivalent Driving licence
* Qualification for driving B6 armoured [C1] vehicles
* Fluent written and spoken English
* Fluent written and spoken French
* Computer literate
* Clean criminal record
* Fire-arms qualification
* First aid qualification e. g Mira [C2] / FPOS
* Experience in contract management
* Experience in quality control and reporting
* Experience of human resources and operations management
* Having served in his/her EU member state armed forces or police service for min of 3 years [C3]
* 3 years of experience in managing LN security guards with an international organisation, a diplomatic mission or an international company
* Ability to operate a variety of communication systems
* Proven experience in an international volatile environment
* Available at all times
* Strong communications and IT skills, including use of all Microsoft programmes; Excel, Word, Outlook, Powerpoint

Job Duties:

Under the direction of the ROM, build and maintain the operational platform to deliver GW’s security services to the EU

* Responsible for the leadership, supervision and operational delivery of the entire Physical Security Guard Force (PSGF)
* Supervise the close protection team (CPT) and participate in close protection tasks when required
* Design route cards and determine movement of the convoys
* Liaise with the staff of the EU delegation in charge of security
* Be located at the Ops room of the delegation
* Organizes and manage the Ops room
* Ensure the following tasks (non-exhaustive): drafting detailed roster and presence files on a weekly and monthly basis; drafting, implementing and controlling the security guard procedures; reporting; coaching of the guard force; inspecting all posts on a regular basis; inventorying the equipment, dealing with maintenance and quality.
* Coordinate with local incumbent to ensure the professional functioning and the management of the entire guard force by means of regular and traceable controls; organize the shifts and ensure that a file with detailed rosters, of both planned and actual presences, is available at all times; ensure that all posts are properly manned; control the proper
* Respond to incidents
* Ensure that PSGF resources are well equipped before the commencement of duty
* Organise and deliver regular training
* Conduct SIMEX
* Develop operational and reporting procedures in conjunction with the EU
* Hold regular meetings with the EU
* Have regular contacts to local security authorities.
* Participate on request of the EU at meetings with other organisations or missions on security matters
* On request of the EU, to be the contact point for local security authorities
* Brief EU’ RSO
* Oversee the proper operation of the various security installations and equipment, such as radio communication system, CCTV (closed circuit television system) system, intruder alarms, fire detection, panic buttons, metal detectors, vehicle search equipment, Electronic guard monitoring system
* Responsible for translating the Haiti Weekly Situation Report (WSSU)
* Responsible to communicate SPOTREP to EU
* Responsible for the maintenance of ISO 18788 standards
* Responsible for the control of the cash float and completion of project Cash Ledgers, including mission expenses
* Responsible for mission planning
* Responsible for securing original supporting documents (tickets, boarding passes, invoices, proof of payment, receipts) from missions

Provide a written HOTO before any departure

Please note: any Information provided shall be used by GardaWorld to evaluate your qualifications for engaging as a contractor.

Any deployment to Latin America carries a degree of risk, for more information please go to http://xplored.garda-world.com/site/register where you can obtain the latest analysis, information and threat assessment

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