Jul 23, 2016

Chief Security Officer , Somalia

Employer: United Nations
Location: Mogadishu Somalia
Closing: 12 August 2016

This position is located in the United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS). The Chief Security Officer (CSO) at P-5 level reports to the Director, UNSOS. The technical line of communication for all security operations coordination is maintained with the UN Department of Safety and Security, Peacekeeping Operations and Support Section through the Principal Security Adviser (PSA).


Within limits of delegated authority, the Chief Security Officer at P-5 level may be responsible for, but not limited to the following duties:

• The Chief Security Officer reports to and advises the Director on all mission security-related matters and participates in discussions and development of security policies and procedures;
• Supervises the Security Section units focused on security operations to include: the Security Operations Centre (SOC), Protection Services, the Plans and Operations Unit, and the Area/State Security Offices;
• Participates in the Security Cell for the development of security policies and procedures;
• Coordinates effectiveness of security and contingency plans for the field mission, in all areas where United Nations personnel, AFPs and other individuals covered by the UN Security Management System are present;
• Contributes to security risk assessments for all locations in the mission area where personnel are present, and actively participate in the planning and evaluation of the effectiveness of the country security plans and other aspects of security operations;
• Reviews and monitors activities related to the mission security program and mission security plans. Identifies evacuation requirements to be used in emergencies;
• Maintains continuing awareness of prevailing local security conditions, identifying potential threats and advising on the appropriate preventative steps;
• Compiles and maintains an updated staff list which includes all mission personnel, including visiting UN personnel and consultants. Provides training and advice to mission personnel on MORSS, as well as determine the need for such resources;
• Approves security risk assessments; Assigns responsibilities, coordinates and monitors implementation of recommended mitigating measures;
• Establishes lines of communication and meets regularly with Senior Civilian Staff, Force Commander, Police Commissioner, their delegated authorities, other UN personnel and Host Government authorities to plan and review security related matters;
• Establishes MOSS and MORSS requirements at the mission level; Coordinates with other mission’s departments in determining and recommending such resources;
• Reviews and submits reports and security analysis to UN senior or security managers on security threats and trends in the area of responsibility; Acts as a primary focal point for security information flow on issues of assignment;
• Establishes and maintains dialogue with UN focal points, local authorities and international organizations for coordination of efforts in the event of natural disasters and during mass casualty incidents; coordinates emergency and crisis situations response;
• Establishes air, land and sea evacuation capability to be used in emergencies, coordinates evacuation exercises recommending necessary infrastructure in coordination with the Mission Support departments; Assesses evacuation resources availability;
• Establishes and coordinates an efficient 24-hour Emergency Response System (ERS); Coordinates with Agencies, Funds and Programs operating in the area of responsibility of the field missions;
• Supervises, coordinates and assigns investigation tasks for violation of security matters, illegal activities, accidents/incidents, complaints and allegations of misconduct, in which UN staff members, project personnel or eligible dependents may be involved;
• Monitors and evaluates office physical security measures, and conducts security surveys of installations and facilities; Coordinates implementation of security arrangements by the guard force management, as recommended by the security risk assessment;
• Coordinates development of Principal Security Risk Assessments and implementation of recommended mitigating measures; assigns protective services for United Nations personnel or visiting VIPs as necessary;
• Evaluates effectiveness of prevailing fire safety measures in effect in assigned areas of responsibility;
• Assesses and addresses the training needs of security and mission’s personnel; coordinates and contributes to the personal security awareness;
• Oversees all human resources related matters, ensures the Security Section is properly staffed and stays up to date with all relevant human resources rules and regulations;
• Annually, prepares the Budget for the Security Section including the outputs and performance reports for timely submission to the mission management;
• Approves Statements of Requirement and provides technical specifications for the procurement of section security equipment and undertakes direct supervision of the private security company providing unarmed security services to the mission;
• Monitors Security Section equipment and ensures minimum equipment requirements are purchased, maintained and deployed in accordance with relevant policy;
• Coordinates issuance and renewal of identity cards, background checks;
• Develops and maintains a warden system in accordance with relevant policy;
• Obtains, studies and implements all security policy promulgated by the Inter-Agency Security Management Network (IASMN);
• Performs other duties as needed.Competencies

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