Jul 9, 2016

Advisor Police , Afghanistan

Employer: SOS International LLC (SOSi)
Location: Overseas - Afghanistan

Job Description

This position is contingent upon contract awardSOS International LLC (SOSi) is seeking individuals to serve as advisors for senior government officials in the Islamic State of Afghanistan in the area of Police advising. Candidates will provide in depth security assistance advising, mentoring, training, subject matter expertise and assistance to this program in order to assist the Afghan National Army and Police Forces in assuming full responsibility for the nation’s security needs. Advisors will provide the requisite skill sets and experience to assist in the development of the core management and operational systems essential to enabling the Afghans to independently and effectively plan, program and manage their national army and police forces.

Essential Job Duties:
• Provides advising, teaching and mentoring to Afghanistan Police organizations in the following areas:• Trains to be under the operational control of and integrate with the coalition military component and security forces. Contracted police mentors will move under the operational control of the military component when directed by the supporting military ground commander• Advises the fielded ANDSF forces in all areas of civilian policing at the direction and leadership of the unit they are assigned to• Advises the ANDSF in Afghan ethics, values, and breaking the chain of corruption in order to strengthen community policing and community relations• Advises the ANDSF in survival, population security, and force protection in a dynamic COIN environment• Advises the ANDSF in logistics policies, procedures, and processes• Advises the ANDSF in processing and submitting accurate reporting, including property book accountability• Advises the ANDSF in use of HF and UHF communications• Advises the ANDSF in use of intelligence within operations planning and execution• Advises the ANDSF in development and implementation of training plans

Minimum Requirements

• Education, Bachelor’s degree or higher in a field related to the advisory position from an accredited institution of higher education• Excellent health and ability to pass law enforcement physical, physical agility, and psychological evaluations• At least seven years of work experience in the subject matter area as either a military officer, a senior NCO (E-7+), or in Civilian Police operations and management• Automated data processing knowledge: possess working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, graphics presentation, databases, E-mail clients & web browsers, and web content management• Excellent written and verbal communication skills• Interpersonal communication, influence and interaction skills that are effective in a complex strategic environment• Creative problem solving skills• Ability to work independently and as part of a team, with harmony and tact in a cramped, austere, combat environment• Possess a final (not interim) DoD SECRET Level Security Clearance before deployment and maintain that clearance

Additional Information

Work Environment:• Living and working conditions at the assignment location could be remote and uncomfortable.• Long hours, exposure to weather and hazardous conditions• Personnel should be aware of moving on short notice and under adverse conditions• Be able to travel between work sites with little or no notice• Be able to live, sleep, and eat with the units assigned.