Jul 16, 2016

Advisor MOD Reserve Affairs & ANA Combined Arms Maneuver

Employer: Dyncorp International
Location: Afghanistan

Job Summary

Ministry of Defense (MOD) Reserve Affairs and Afghan National Army (ANA) Combined Arms Maneuver Advisor shall provide high-level detailed analysis, assessment, and advice to Assistant MoD for Reserve Affairs (LTG Position) and the ANA Chief of Artillery (BG Position) and the two Mobile Strike Force (MSF) Brigade Commanders (BG Positions) and the DA MOD and his staff on all aspects related to Functionally Based Security Force Assistance (FBSFA) as they relate to the continued development of the MOD Reserves and ANA Combined Arms Maneuver (Artillery and Mobile Strike Force). Expect that 50% of time and effort would be focused on AMOD Reserves, 30% on the ANA Artillery and 20% on the Mobile Strike Force Brigades.

Principal Accountabilities

Advise and mentor AMOD Reserve Affairs (LTG) on the mobilization, training, equipping, slotting, employment and demobilization of the MOD Reserves.
Advise and mentor ANA Chief of Artillery (BG) on the training, supplying, equipping, employment, maintenance and sustainment of the ANA artillery personnel and equipment.
Advise and mentor both MSF Brigade Commanders (BG) on the training, supplying, equipping, employment, maintenance and sustainment of the ANA MSF’s personnel and equipment.
Provide Technical Advisor for planning and staff processes to Resolute Supports (RS’s) Afghan National Defense Security Force (ANDSF) advisory efforts to support the MOD Reserves mobilization, ANA Artillery and the MSF Brigades employment.
Identify existing shortfalls and gaps for the MOD Reserves, ANA Artillery and the MSF Brigades along the Eight (8) Essential Functions (EF) to allow ANDSF and Coalition officials to adjust and prioritize their future efforts of work towards achieving ANDSF long-term sustainability.
Advise and mentor AMOD Reserves and ANA Corps on the mobilization, training, slotting, equipping, maintenance and employment of the MOD Reserves.
Advise and mentor the ANA Chief of Artillery and the MSF Brigade Commanders on doctrine development and integration into current and future operations.
Provide written analysis on the dynamics affecting the continued development and sustainability of the Afghan MOD Reserves, ANA Artillery and the MSF Brigades along the lines of the 8 EFs.
Lead and/or participate in Operational Planning Team (OPT) meetings and/or Working Groups with RESOLUTE SUPPORT personnel focused on the continued development of the Afghan Security Institutions (ASI), and in particular the MOD Reserves, ANA Artillery and the MSFs Brigades.
Travel to various RESOLUTE SUPPORT Train Advise and Assist Command-South (TAACS) in Afghanistan to meet mission requirements.
Participate in after-action discussions and seminars, as required. As appropriate, provide lessons learned to follow-on RESOLUTE SUPPORT advisory personnel during pre-deployment training.
Provide quick response advisory efforts in support of contingency planning and operations, and conduct follow- up on recommendations until shortfalls and gaps have been mitigated and ANDSF long-term sustainability has been achieved.
Each month, document all significant technical and programmatic events of the previous month including activities, issues and planned/recommended mitigation. The Monthly Status Report (MSR) shall cover the preceding calendar month's activities and events.
Program Support/Informal Technical Information. The contractor shall support program reviews and technical meetings, as requested, by preparing and delivering materials such as electronic and hardcopy presentations, pamphlets, pictures, video, or other requested media relating to program status, accomplishments, and deliverables.
Technical Reports. The contractor shall develop and deliver analyses, findings, external briefings, meeting minutes, and interim status products as well as project technical reports to the Government as completed. The contractor shall prepare briefing reports and present at designated client/user locations based on the task definition/approach.
Final Report. The contractor shall develop and submit a final report at the completion of the contract to summarize and document the work he or she performed.
Perform other duties as assigned.

Knowledge & Skills
Must have extensive operational and cultural experience working in joint military-interagency counterterrorism/counterinsurgency campaigns in an analysis, assessment, or planning capacity.
Must be prepared to operate in physically austere conditions as the mission may require.

Experience & Education

Must have a Master Degree in National Security Studies. PHD degree is preferred.
Must have commanded at the Brigade level.
Must have held the rank of BG equivalent and have conducted extensive and high-level outreach and liaison within the national security communities.
Must have a final (not interim) DoD SECRET Level Security Clearance before deployment and maintain that clearance. Must be TS/SCI eligible.
Extensive cultural knowledge and expertise relating to Afghanistan and surrounding countries.
Experience interfacing with foreign defense and government organizations, particularly the Afghan MoD.
Must have extensive experience in working with Reserves.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

Must pass all medical and fitness requirements directed by US Central Command (CENTCOM) in order to deploy.
Must be able to operate in harsh and austere conditions of Afghanistan

Must be capable of daily travel in and around Kabul as well as to locations throughout Afghanistan.