Jun 25, 2016


Employer: Patriot Group International

Job Description: 
The primary function of a Targeter is to collaborate with a team of intelligence professionals in support of Technical operations against priority targets. Candidates will be responsible for identifying targeting leads to enable a variety of intelligence operations through the exploitation of classified and open source databases. Successful Targeters will identify and evaluate possible counterintelligence concerns, drive Technical operations through written products and briefings, and empower core collectors by producing detailed targeting packages.

The candidate must have strong verbal and written communications skills and be able to coordinate effectively with various offices and agencies in the US Intelligence Community. Individuals must have excellent operational judgment and be able to respond quickly to high priority data with minimal supervision

Daily activities include: * Review operational traffic for intelligence leads * Draft comprehensive targeting packages in support of the client's objectives * Engage operational components within the customer organization to address targeting requirements and develop new leads for operational exploitation * Conduct detailed searches on items of operational interest and relay pertinent data to relevant customer components.


Requires a BS Degree and a minimum of 8 years of related experience or 6 years of related experience and a Master's Degree.

Proficiency in manipulating various classified and open source databases.

Experience related to intelligence research and targeting work is required.

Prior experience in supporting Technical operations or familiarity with the Intelligence Community and its objectives.

Familiarity with classified client databases, including specific targeting tools.

Strong briefing and writing skills are a must as well as the ability to work well with teams or individually with minimal supervision.

Demonstrated regional and/or functional expertise or a working knowledge of geographic regions of interest to the United States.

Active TS/SCI


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