Jun 18, 2016

Security Manager

Recruiter: Fuschia
Location: Abu Dhabi
Job Description
Security professionals having previous experience in hotel industry are invited to apply for the position of Security Manager in a world class 5-star hotel in U.A.E.

Key Responsibilities:
Overall accountable for safeguarding all hotel guests, employees, their belongings and hotel property.
Accountable for overall performance of the on duty security personnel and all security related matters
Coaches and trains the Security Officers and Security Supervisors.
Oversees the recruitment process of all the Security professionals, and ensures orientation and briefing of the new employees.
Prepares the duty roster and ensures that the hotel property is adequately manned.
Takes frequent rounds of the property and records incidents or damages, if any.
Conducts fire drills, and general evacuation procedures and the subsequent training in these disciplines.
Checks on all on-field officers to ensure that they are alert and discharging their duties efficiently and effectively.
Ensures all equipment are in working order and that all CCTV cameras are correctly focused.
Attends meeting and OJT training conducted by the Security Department.

Qualification Required:
Higher secondary education.
Certified Security Professional is preferred.
Additional certifications like CPR and First Aid is a plus.

Experience Required:
Minimum 2-3 years experience in a similar role, preferably in a 5 star hotel with at least 1 year at a supervisory role.
Knowledge of alarm and fire systems, security and health and safety procedures and practices etc.