Jun 27, 2016

Security Coordinator - Offshore Iraq

Location: Iraq

Rotation Job: 28 Days On / 28 Days Off
Security Responsibilities:
Provide overall support to security management system activities
Perform the security activities of own competence as defined in the Letter of Appointment (LoA) or as required by the employer, according to the company's security guidelines and standards
Provide overall support to the Employer/Security Implementation Officer (SIO) ensuring laws and company regulations are applied at all times
Coordinate the Security management activities under the supervision of the Security Manager or SIO in operations, provide the updating of the security risk assessment and of the mitigating measures as well as the preparation/updating of the Plan/Standard Operating Procedures according to company's standards
Provides technical and organizational support for the company, management and monitoring of security activities
In liaison with other company local departments (HR, Quality, Business Units, Organization, ICT) manage the security reporting system, document system and records keeping including security events reports and timely performance reports
Monitor, collect and analyse selected security data to ascertain the suitability and effectiveness of the security management system and to identify areas where further improvement can be made
Ensure the flow of information and reporting to the interested parties
Support any other activities as directed by the Security Manager or SIO