Jun 17, 2016

Security Coordinator , Middle East

Employer: WTS Energy
Location: Middle East
Job numberWTSOA10280

About the job
Organize escort process – routine & non-routine
Contribute to evaluation of needs & capabilities to the DW Security Coordinator
Develop team work between drivers(civilian/SPY) and armed escorts; resolve conflicts
Ensure availability of quick mobilization of security personnel (real Vs plan)
Ensure availability of security vehicles (Operations plan Vs Maintenance plan)
Synergise with Security Coordination Room for coordination and tracking of Escorts
Liaise with the Logistics department for details of movements that require escorts and for the assignment of civilian escort drivers and repairs/maintenance of escort vehicles

Address escort requests
Receive and process motorised escort requests via the escort management system or email
Assign security resources for approved security escort requests
Escalate requests for approval as required
Plan all land and boat transit escorts according to requests or daily needs
Prepare escort orders
AsPsign adequate escorts to land and boat teams including requirement for marine police and security at Ilado beach
Prepare security teams for emergency response

Supervise escort execution
Set-up of escort by dispatcher:
Assignation of team / vehicles by dispatcher to perform all escort orders
Readiness of security personnel before departure
Execution of escort by Convoy commander:
Security Risk Assessment by convoy commander with Security control
Pre-Service briefing before departure
Check of compliance to standards (communication means, flashlights, etc.)
Escort execution and reporting by Convoy Commanders
Tracking of Escort convoys using status reports and tracking tools

5-10 years experience in any Government Security Agency
Good communication, decision making, investigative and analytical skills are required for this position.
Good knowledge of the computer system is also required for the position.
Good knowledge on fleet management will be an added advantage.