Jun 26, 2016

Project Risk Manager

Employer: Garda World
Location: Afghanistan

Hiring Criteria

* Proven experience in a similar role is a necessity
* Previous Afghanistan experience
* Proven experience in dealing with Afghan National Security Forces.
* English literacy – Oral and Written
* IT literate
* Previous Military experience.
* Medical Qualifications
* Experience in dealing with large scale APPF contracts
* Weapons familiarization with the AK47, Smith and Wesson and Berretta.

Job Duties

* Attend weekly meetings with all ANSF’s
* Timely submission of all project related paperwork
* Operational planning of GW team movements and duties within the AO
* Administration for the GW team in Kajaki and Kandahar
* Advise the client on all security related issues
* Liaise and arrange with the client regarding their daily movements.
* Provide local intelligence and threat reports to the client and other on-site business partners.
* Attend weekly conference calls with the client and provide security related updates.
* Liaise with the client on all APPF related issues.
* Administer all GW team leave and movements
* Maintain the Kajaki GW Team Leave planner
* Updating and maintaining all compliance documentation.