Jun 4, 2016

Operational Security Advisor for Standby Roster ,Europe

Location: United Kingdom/Europe

Type of contract: Standby Roster membership. Contracts will be issued as and when need arises and will vary in length depending on need.
Salary: Depends on length and type of contract but for full-time roles would be at least £52000 per year (pro rata). Short-term tasks attract higher rates.
Application deadline: 22nd June 2016

** Please note that due to the stringent nature of the security clearance required by our office, all applicants must have physically resided in the UK for the last 5 years; with the exception of short term travel under 90 days at a time**

These roles:

We wish to add approximately five people to our existing standby roster of security cleared operational security advisors. We call on members of the standby roster as and when the need arises, for additional specialist security and risk management advice to the SU. We may also call on members of the roster for short-term operational management / planning roles in field deployments overseas, especially in the early stages of such a deployment.

We are looking for highly able security experts who are prepared to be security cleared in advance of potential need, and who if contracted will be able to work in a busy and responsive team at the heart of government. Periods of work could range from a few days or weeks to, potentially, a permanent role.

Roles are likely to be UK-based, working from Whitehall in support of a small permanent security team. Membership of the roster is no guarantee of an offer of work. But it makes a work offer more likely because roster members have already been screened and security cleared.

The work involves supporting the SU as it serves the rest of Government (particularly DFID, MOD and FCO) in its efforts to tackle instability overseas. Possible tasks include:
Provide specialist security advice and support to SU activities and deployments to fragile and conflict affected environments, from planning and development through to operational delivery
Produce risk assessments and draft submissions that can be used to inform both risk owners and deploying staff on the risks and mitigations associated with deployments to specific locations
Self-deploy, as necessary, to conduct security assessments and fact-finding in fragile and hostile environments
Complete comprehensive written reports with clear recommendations for the mitigation of assessed threats and risks
Undertake any other advisory duties as directed by the Senior Operational Security Advisor

Qualifications, skills and experience:
Extensive experience of operating in hostile environments overseas
Recent and sustained track record of providing security and safety advice for personnel and infrastructure against a spectrum of threats
A broad understanding of international security issues, current affairs and a working knowledge of relevant Health and Safety legislation
A proven track record of support to deployed staff in a dynamic, operationally-focused environment
The intellectual rigour and proven ability to synthesise information from multiple sources to provide effective security advice and assessments
Able to embrace uncertainty and work with ambiguity
Comfortable working to tight deadlines without sacrificing accuracy, and able to respond effectively to short notice assignments under pressure
Able to anticipate operational safety requirements based on imperfect information and indicators
Able to work both independently and as a team member
Experience in the preparation and delivery of security & safety training would be an advantage
Experience in producing written risk assessments under time pressure that reflect the realities faced by deployed staff
A proven track record in briefing policy and operational requirements to senior management, staff and other parties concisely and effectively
High quality written and verbal communication skills; unambiguous and succinct when dealing with complex ideas
Able to be authoritative when necessary; withstanding challenge whilst sustaining effective working relationships
Previous Whitehall / HMG experience would be an advantage

How To Apply:
Please send your CV and covering letter to: xxxxxx@xxxxxxx.uk by 22nd June 2016.

Interviews will take place in the week commencing 11 July 2016 in London.

Email available to paid-up Subscribers/Members ONLY