Jun 20, 2016

Electronic Warfare SC Planner (EWP)

Employer:SOS International LLC (SOSi)
Location:  Afghanistan

Job Description

SOS International LLC (SOSi) is seeking a Electronic Warfare SC Planner (EWP) for a full-time position supporting our United States Government (USG) customer. The SC Planner serves as a civilian counterpart to customers working with senior military personnel to plan for, develop and execute strategic communications plans. This position reports to the In-Country Program Manager.

Essential Job Duties:
• Acts as a planner and advisor to U.S. and Coalition MISO and IO Officers
• Assists in long term and short term planning of MISO and IO that support USG strategic objectives
• Provides research and insight to support target audience analysis and product development
• Incorporates assessments in MISO process
• Integrates pillars of IO within planning and execution
• Produces Operation Plans (OPLANs), Operation Orders (OPORDs), Fragmentation Orders (FRAGOs), white papers, and other military documents as required
• Prepares and presents briefs for senior USG and military officials, and Afghan Government leaders. Work products must be of General Officer or Senior Executive level quality
• Liaises with representatives from various governmental and non-governmental organizations
• As a liaison, synchronize, de-conflict between supported organization and other IO related agencies
• Serves as continuity for supported organization

Minimum Requirements

• US citizenship with a valid, active DOD TOP SECRET with SCI eligibility security clearance
• Bachelor's Degree and experience and familiarity with the Afghan and international media environment strongly preferred
• Minimum 5+ years of experience working in Strategic Communication/IO/PSYOP disciplines with the U.S. military, and have held the rank or equivalent of O-3/GS-12. Minimum of 10+ years of experience and having held the rank/grade or equivalent of E-7/GS-9 also may be considered
• Understanding of the PSYOP/MISO process
• Familiar with Military Decision Making Process (MDMP)
• Current or previous support to the USCENTCOM AOR desired
• Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the culture, history, politics, economics and ethnographic makeup of Afghanistan
• Must have working proficiency in Microsoft Office Power Point, Excel, and Word
• Proficient operating required computer and communications equipment, including standard word processing, graphic presentation, spreadsheet and email software
• Work cooperatively with the U.S. military, other U.S. governmental agencies, and their counterparts from the international community represented in Afghanistan
• Function effectively during heightened threat levels and extended periods of high stress and physical danger and discomfort
• Organize and properly prioritize work assignments and function well in an environment that requires constant multi-tasking - and often long hours
• Excellent written, oral, briefing, interpersonal and technical skills

Additional Information

Work Environment:

• Live and work daily with Coalition Forces in austere conditions across Afghanistan. Function effectively and efficiently in a combat zone, during extended periods of high pressure and stress
• Ability to wear up to 45 lbs of combat gear, including vest and helmet
• Travel outside secure compounds independent of Coalition Forces, as required
• Dari and/or Pashto language skills desired