Jun 19, 2016

Contingent Commander , South Sudan

Location: South Sudan


The Department of State, Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), as part of the U.S. Government’s contribution to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), provides civilian Police and Corrections advisors to the mission. INL works with the United Nations (UN) and its officials in managing and administering the functions expected of him/her in accordance to international and UN standards, and established UN policies and procedures, in order to ensure the success of UNMISS’s mandate, as defined by the UN Security Council. INL also works with UNMISS and the Government of South Sudan (GOSS) and its entities to implement the 17 August 2015 peace agreement, providing support that may include training, technical assistance, and equipment to the SSNPS and other criminal justice entities to foster law enforcement, security, rule of law, and justice during the post-conflict transition.

- All candidates require approval from the INL South Sudan Program Officer.
- Candidates with prior INL or UN mission experience should include that experience in their resumes.

This is a contingent position based on contract award and funding from the customer.

Shift: Eight (8) hours per day, forty (40) hours per week
Location: American Embassy JubaJuba, South Sudan

Education: Degree or equivalent in criminology, criminal justice, law, or relevant academic discipline

Pay Rate: To be determined
Duration: To be determined
Travel: South Sudan

Job Description:
Based at UNMISS Headquarters in Juba, the Contingent Commander will report to the UNMISS Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) or his/her delegate, and the UNMISS Police Commissioner or corrections director, depending on their generalist type. Under the UN system, the Contingent Commander does not supervise a Contingent member, unless the Contingent member is assigned to a position under Contingent Commander’s oversight. The Contingent Commander does have a supervisory role in that s/he is the primary point of contact for UN and UNMISS officials in matters related to each Contingent member’s performance of duties and responsibilities, conduct, behavior, and service as a representative of the UN Mission and of the United States. The individual will be classified as “Supervisory.” After consultation with COR, the INL South Sudan Program Officer, and the Contractor, the Contingent Commander will take such action as necessary and mutually agreed. If such matters involve the Contingent Commander or a conflict of interest occurs with a particular Contingent Member, the Deputy Contingent Commander will assume this role. The Contingent Commander also regularly liaises and communicates with U.S. Embassy Juba officials and visiting Washington officials, briefing them as necessary on the status and circumstances of the U.S. Contingent. This includes attending meetings and briefings at the U.S. Embassy as necessary, and therefore, must have a SECRET security clearance.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Besides the duties and qualifications for his/her respective Law Enforcement or Corrections generalist position, the Contingent Commander shall also include the following duties and responsibilities:

For UN Mission, serve as the primary contact person for the Contingent.

Supervise each Contingent member’s reporting and work requirements to meet INL and Contract needs.

Submit weekly and monthly reports specifically outlining the U.S. Contingent’s achievements and activities in South Sudan directly to the INL South Sudan Program Officer and the INL Director in Juba. Due to the essential nature of timely, accurate, and frank information needed on actions and events on the ground, these reports shall not be reviewed or edited by the Contractor prior to submission to the INL South Sudan Program Officer and INL Director in Juba. The In-Country Project Manager and the Contractor’s U.S.-based manager should be copied on the submission. See Section 8.0 for details.

Liaise and communicate regularly and directly with the INL South Sudan Program Officer and the INL Director in Juba.

Liaise and communicate regularly with relevant U.S. Embassy officials. Provide and attend Embassy or Department of State briefings as necessary. The individual must possess a currentSECRET security clearance.

Coordinate requests for extension or termination of deployments of individual Contingent members to UNMISS with COR and INL South Sudan Program Officer.

Report to the COR, INL South Sudan Program Officer, and the INL Director in Juba any accidents or incidents involving U.S. Contingent members or the In-Country Project Manager. The Contingent Commander or his/her delegate will coordinate and ensure submission of a report detailing each incident, measures taken, disciplinary action if necessary, and any recommendations for further action.

Report directly to the COR, INL South Sudan Program Officer, and INL Director in Juba about any actions or behaviors that are improper, unprofessional, illegal, or otherwise reflect poorly on the United States or the UN Mission. Regardless of whether such actions or behaviors result in UN disciplinary action, the incident must be reported the incident to INL immediately.

Contact the COR, INL South Sudan Program Officer, and the INL Director in Juba on any medical support that a contingent member may require that the UN Mission cannot provide or meet.

Minimum Qualifications:
In addition to the qualifications identified above for their respective Generalist category, the Contingent Commander must have:

A minimum of five (5) years of experience as a first-line or mid-level supervisor in an active-duty, civilian law enforcement force or agency.

A university or college degree or equivalent in criminology, criminal justice, law, or relevant academic discipline

How To Apply:
Email : xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxx.com

Email available to paid-up Subscribers/Members ONLY