Jun 4, 2016

Cleared Armed Guard , Overseas

Location: Overseas 

Pay varies by Country based on Per Diem and incentive pay for each country. Typically around $70,000-$90,000. Positions require a one year commitment, with no leave time.
We are looking for the following position at several locations overseas:

Cleared Armed Guard

Minimum Requirements:
U.S. Citizens at least 25 years of age or older
Must have a Top Secret security clearance
Possess at least a high school education or GED equivalent
At least three years experience in guard duty or security, preferably with the U.S. military or Government, including an operational knowledge of technical security systems (e.g., alarms, metal detectors, and x-ray devices and closed circuit television).
Operational knowledge of technical security systems.
Working knowledge of security processes and procedures
General knowledge of security procedures as they relate to construction security requirements.
Able to read and understand the English language to effectively carry out applied printed rules, detailed orders, instructions and training materials
Ability to write detailed reports, analyze problems, findings, and security situations that require staff actions
Able to demonstrate proficiency in use and safe handling of all required equipment assigned to a post
Interact and tactfully communicate with government employees, visitors, and other vendor personnel.
Courteous, tactful, diplomatic, and able to maintain self-control even when firmness is necessary in the performance of duties.
Understand, clearly explain, interpret, and apply rules, regulations, directives, and procedures.
Demonstrate poise, self-confidence, and the ability to make sound decisions and react quickly under stressful conditions.
Present clear and concise oral reports.
Learn and adapt to changing situations.
Accept and respond to verbal and written instructions and directions. All personnel will maintain superior health and physical fitness. At the start of the contract, each person will undergo a complete medical examination.

Duties and Responsibilities:
CAGs provide perimeter and internal access control, control of secure storage areas, and personnel or material escort within or to a construction site. CAGs may at time assist in the random selection of materials required for construction and installation.
CAG ensure that all persons, packages, bags, boxes, crates, vehicles, or other means of introducing material onto the construction site or into the secure areas are inspected for questionable or prohibited items. Means of inspection include, but are not limited to, metal detectors, explosives trace detectors, xray machines and visual examination.
CAG also surveil the perimeter and internal secure areas through the use of closed circuit television (CCTV) systems and other intrusion detection systems (IDS). CAG may at times rove the construction site after-hours to protect the integrity of the site and its materials.
All security force personnel must be mentally alert, capable of exercising good judgment, implementing instructions, assimilating necessary training, and fully performing their duties safely and effectively under normal and emergency conditions. 

How To Apply:
Email: xxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com

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