Jun 5, 2016

Chief Trainer, Command and Control - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Employer: Vinnell Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia


Assists in the management of staff and unit training support plus exercise support for MNG units. Assists in the planning, coordination and supervision of collective training support for brigades undergoing modernization, five (5) light infantry brigades MNG and Sector HQs, and NGMS. Assists in the planning, coordination and execution of field training exercises, command post exercises, OPFOR Training, and Battle Staff Training. Assists in planning and implementing of training for MNG in all aspects of DOTLMPF.

Assists in the planning, preparation, coordination, supervision and execution of Battlestaff & Exercise Branch programs approved and directed by OPM-MNG.
Assists in the planning and coordination in concert with OPM, collective training assessment of MNG units.
Assists in training publication development as SME within specialty.
Prepares and submits reports, as required.
Assists in the preparation of procedures including internal branch training programs which delineate policies and procedures applicable for the conduct of Contractor training assistance efforts.
Prepares BS/EX Joint Training Plans, as required.Identifies, prepares, requests, draws/stores equipment for training activities, as required.
Assists in the preparation of plans for upgrading of training in all aspects of DTLOMPF as required.
Conducts training in the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP); either platform or small group.
Be knowledgeable of All War Fighting Functions (WFF)
Assists in the maintenance and updating of the Leader Training Program (LTP).
Be prepared to perform as an Observer-Controller / Trainer for Training Exercises.
Develops and writes operations plans, orders and graphics.
Prepares, supervises and conducts any training/mission assigned by BSXB Management.
Performs other duties as assigned.

B. Independence: Performs duties under the general supervision of the Chief-Battlestaff, BSXB. Performs tasks within broad objectives IAW approved doctrine with significant choice of methods to achieve desired results.

* C. Supervisory Responsibilities:* Supervises up to twenty five (25) U.S. Trainers and twenty five (25) Interpreter/Translators in the conduct of MTTs.

A. Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree. CGSC graduate or equivalent and minimum Brigade/Battalion Combined Arms Planning and Operations Experience preferred. An equivalent combination of college level courses, military training or job site experience may be substituted.

B. Experience: Require battalion/brigade experience; prefer former S3/Plans Officer. Minimum of six years Combined Arms experience preferred. Experience in Full Spectrum Operations doctrine development, training and/or operations. CTC or Operational Deployment experience preferred.

C. Specific knowledge, skill, and ability, requirements: Complete understanding and knowledge of pertinent MNG, OPM, and VA regulations and guidelines concerning job related activities. Possesses cultural knowledge that enhances relationships with MNG. Has in depth knowledge of tactical Command and Control and Movement and Maneuver. Conversant in training techniques for Full Spectrum Operations. A leader, coach, and mentor who understands training doctrine, policies, procedures, and techniques. Communicates effectively verbally and in writing. MS Windows XP, Vista and MS Office 2003 and 2007 proficient. Possesses a valid driver’s license. Former Field Grade Officer or civilian equivalent (as defined in paragraphs A and B) preferred.

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