Jun 26, 2016

Asia Regional Security and Safety Officer

Employer: Relief International (RI)
Location: Asia
Closing date July 16, 2016

Relief International is a nonprofit organisation whose sole mission is to reduce human suffering. We respond to natural disasters, humanitarian emergencies and chronic poverty. We are non-sectarian and non-political. With legal standing both in the United States as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organisation and in the United Kingdom as a registered Charity, Relief International has a global board of directors who bring an informed perspective to the communities we serve. We work in 19 countries across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Relief International seamlessly blends humanitarian and development efforts so every programme resolves immediate issues while laying the groundwork for long-term impact. Our signature approach — which we call the RI Way — emphasises local participation, an integration of services, strategic partnerships, and a focus on civic skills. In this way, we empower communities to find, design and implement the solutions that work for them — and for generations to come.

Position Summary: 
The Regional Security and Safety Officer (RSO) reports to the Regional Director (RD), with technical reporting and liaison to the Global Security and Safety Advisor based in Washington DC. The RSO will take on a rigorous leadership role in each Asia region country with particular focus on Afghanistan and Iran. The RSO will be responsible for coordinating, overseeing and advising on safety and security management of all activities in Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Myanmar and any new country where RI would start operations in Asia. In addition, the RSO will be responsible for ensuring up to date and adequate risk assessments and SOPs, submitting timely and accurate reports and assessments to the RD and HQ, while representing the organisation in security coordination fora. The position is based in Asia TBD with preference for Afghanistan (which is an unaccompanied post), but requires up to 70% time in the target countries.

Coordinates design, establishment and maintenance of security support systems; ensures that RI is linked via all interagency and security coordination lists to ensure RI security presence in the INGO community.
Conducts scheduled and ad-hoc field residencies at each programme site, including central and sub-offices and programme delivery locations for security assessments, audits and ongoing staff training and security awareness. Residencies and site visits must be fully coordinated via the senior country staff and HQ. Each residency will have clear deliverables to be shared with supervisor and country director.
Upon arrival in each programme site, conducts a comprehensive assessment together with the local counterpart / audit of all existing security and safety policies and procedures and their application and practice by all staff at programme sites, offices, residencies, and with respect to all vehicles, drivers and standing SOPs; provides and implements recommendations in consultation with the Country Director or most senior Country Representative and with RI HQ Global Security; changes must comply at minimum with RI Field Operational Procedures and SOPs.
Applies situation appropriate rules and guidance per RI’s Field Security SOP’s, MOSS and UNSECOORD; conducts visits to RI’s field project offices and residential sites to assess security and safety conditions; develops comprehensive risk assessments in conjunction with country counterparts, leading to the updating of effective security plans, educates colleagues on the security plans and ensure compliance.
Trains, technically supervises and mentors country security staff. Recommends and/or provides staff training on safety and security in a proactive and positive manner that promotes inclusion, participation, and leadership among the entire RI team, including expatriates, local national staff, and women. Is knowledgeable and sensitive to training needs and issues that must be understood to promote a positive organisational profile, cultural respect, and abide by the RI Code of Conduct.
Takes a lead on regular safety and security drills for all Asia countries: conducts safety and security drills, trains national counterparts in how to conduct drills, and ensures that national counterparts implement drills regularly.
Leads an ongoing process of design, establishment, review and revision of security policies and procedures to ensure understanding, buy-in, and compliance by staff; routinely revises safety and security plans to adapt to evolving security situation in conjunction with country counterparts and country directors, and HQ Global Security.
Liaises with local and regional UN & interagency security personnel on security matters for country programmes; advises Country Director(s) and HQ Global Security on security issues; provides security briefings and updates for RI staff and visitors.
In close coordination with Country Directors, develops and maintains contacts with national law enforcement agencies, where appropriate; respects and is fully current at all times on political issues and local policies that impact INGO operations and safety.
Conducts him or herself and the RI regional security operations in a manner that ensures reduced risk for exposure to issues with any group or government; presents the RI programmes in a respectful and positive manner in all interagency interactions.
Maps security incidents, ensures monthly security reports in all countries and understands patterns and threats; facilitates the development of situation specific, coordinated evacuation plans; writes well-researched security incident reports for review by supervisor and HQ.

Position requires
At least 3-year of international security experience working in conflict affected countries and complex relief settings in the fields of both security & communications.
At least 2-year experience providing security and safety support for international NGOs (required).
Demonstrated knowledge of UN, ECHO, MOSS, and other standard INGO security frameworks.
Excellent references reflecting demonstrated teamwork, maturity of judgment, tolerance for hardship and stress, leadership and integrity of character.
Fluency in English – written and verbal. Regional languages knowledge is an advantage.
Ability and willingness to train country staff counterparts; proven training leadership required.
Must be able to demonstrate strong writing, reporting, and situational analysis skills.

This is based in Asia with preference for Afghanistan (unaccompanied post). The post requires regular residencies in Asia countries including Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. RI provides living accommodations and local transportation only at country programme sites.

LOCATION: TBD in Asia with preference for Kabul, Afghanistan; frequent field residencies in the Asia region required

DURATION: 12 months with possibility of extension

How to apply

To apply, please submit applications here