May 15, 2016

Security Officer , Europe

Employer: Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
Location: Basel Switzerland
Employment - Duration: 3 years

Contract type: Fixed-term
FTE%: 100%
Application Deadline: 09/06/2016


The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is an international organisation promoting global monetary and financial stability and is a bank for central banks. The BIS’s head office is located in Basel, Switzerland, with representative offices in Hong Kong SAR and Mexico City. We are able to recruit globally, regardless of nationality, and offer competitive employment packages.

We are looking for an experienced Security Officer to join our team of security experts. The Security Officer is responsible for carrying out reception, protection and intervention duties with respect to the BIS's Basel premises, assets, staff and visitors. This function involves shift hours.

Security Responsibilities:
Protection and surveillance
Protects Bank staff and visitors, and safeguards Bank assets and property on the Bank’s Basel premises.
Checks identification of Bank staff and visitors, and inspects packages and vehicles. Issues identification credentials. Patrols all floors, grounds and the perimeter of the Bank’s Basel premises. Operates detection equipment.
Supervises external security guards while they are on duty.

Responds to fires, emergencies and other potentially dangerous situations in accordance with Bank procedures, training and instruction from supervisory staff.
As required, provides first aid, assists in evacuation, complies with external policy and cooperates with emergency authorities.
Proposes operational improvements.

Provides front-desk hospitality services to BIS staff and visitors.
Demonstrates a customer service-oriented attitude, involving both verbal and non-verbal communication. Responds courteously to staff and visitor requests.
Builds a good rapport with BIS staff and resolves complaints/issues quickly.

May be required to carry and deploy non-lethal weapons in strict accordance with procedures and training.

Shift duty
Works in 24/7 shifts across the BIS’s Basel office locations. Work across Switzerland might be required for special events and/or business continuity reasons.


Reliable, accurate and organised; able to spot unusual occurrences or behaviour; concise; willing to share information.
Maintains confidentiality. Is able to remain vigilant in all circumstances.
Team player.

Active, dynamic, focused, stress-resilient and fit. Knows when to involve supervisor.

Understands that customer service/hospitality is a must in the role.

Fluency in English and German. Other languages are an asset.

Qualifications and work experience:
Properly trained and certified (or equivalent experience) in security, safety and surveillance with at least five years of experience.
Properly trained in administering first aid and firefighting.
Excellent verbal communication skills.
Training and certification in use of non-lethal weapons not required but an asset.
Experience with standard security consoles / office IT.

The BIS employs staff on both open-ended and fixed-term contracts. However, all new entrants are initially recruited on a fixed-term basis. The BIS is fully committed to equal opportunity employment and strives for diversity among its staff. We encourage applications from female candidates.

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