May 26, 2016

Security Manager , Afghanistan

Location: Kabul Afghanistan
Expire Date: 27 May, 2016

Job Description:
Responsible for the complete oversight and management of the current/future security situation and the safety of all Employee’s countrywide.
Identify and evaluate security risks and threats with ranking and develop methodologies to mitigate/reduce the risks and threats.
Monitor security situations and provide security guidance and advice to staff, both national and expatriate; assuring that organization security and safety procedures are updated, monitored, and followed by all.
Design a system for alerting all staff to a crisis and plans for evacuation of the office and residence if it is required in extreme insecurity situation.
Crisis Management, including Body Repatriation and Medical Assistance when necessary. Conduct formal investigations into incidents – operational, disciplinary or administrative.
Identify and put in place secure and safe operational support solutions and plans as required, such as protection measures at guesthouses, offices and coordinating movement of personnel in the guesthouse and office premises.
Deliver induction training on all security matters to all security persons and provincial focal persons.
Train a team of Logistic/Security Staffs in armed, unarmed defense tactics negotiations and communicative techniques in emergency situations.
Identification and management of any 3rd party security services, as required, and development of local provincial relationships with security facets, and other locally positioned sources who can in turn provide assistance to organization in the event of crisis/evacuation.
Support the Country Management Team(CMT) to plan and execute need based security measures/ instructions time to time. Provide backstopping support to the Country Management Team and Country Representative in Security and Portfolio needs at all times.
Ensure the offices and residences both have periodic drills to practice responses to a variety of emergencies: natural disasters, riots, attacks, etc.
Write periodic reports or brief memos for the Country Representative outlining the current security situation, anticipating incidents when feasible and presenting any concerns.
Meet with police and with other law enforcement agencies as needed for specific incident handling and for general liaison purposes from time to time. Regularly attend ANSO (Afghanistan NGO Security Organization) meetings, if decided by management.

Line Management

The position will directly report to the Country Representative/ Immediate to the Country Representative.
The position will liaise with the Govt. Security Departments and Provincial Focal Persons directly from time to time on security Matters keeping the CMT in copy.

Job Requirements:
Minimum bachelor degree in any relevant subject.
Recent security experience in Afghanistan mandatory, at least 2 years experience required operating in Afghanistan.
Experience and clear knowledge about Afghanistan law enforcement and judicial system.
Crisis situation handling capacity with excellent negotiation and communication skills.
Security training design and delivery experience.
Formal Security Risk Management qualifications highly desirable.

How To Apply:
Interested candidates are requested to send their application (complete C.V along with a cover letter and reference information) to  Email: 

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