May 1, 2016

Protective Security Specialist / Designated Defensive Marksman - (PSS DDM)

Employer: Academi
Location: Afghanistan
Rotations: Leave rotations are 105/35.

Job Description
Perform as long-range defensive marksman.
The PSS/DDM shall be designated as PSS (P).
The PSS/DDM is required to attend the protective security specialist (PSS) training course and the Defensive Marksman course as outlined in Exhibit E.
The PSS/DDM must maintain weapons qualifications as outlined in this contract, for the Glock, M4, Shotgun, M240, M249 and M203 and the M24 or SR25 as issued and familiarization fire for the AK47.
PSS/DDM vetted personnel are authorized to permanently fill the Labor Categories of PSS and PSS/DDM in case of shortages with the approval from HTP.
Provide services as assigned.

Job Requirements
U.S. Citizen
Level 3 English proficiency (see Exhibit A)
Valid current U. S. passport
Must meet PSS qualifications
Must have graduated and posses evidence of completion of a sniper/DDM sharpshooter program issued by a military, law enforcement, or security (government or private sector) training program of suitable complexity and quality to adequate prepare the graduate for successful performance as a WPS DDM, (e.g., USMC Scout Sniper, Special Operations Target Interdiction, FBI HRT/SWAT, DSS MSD, State Police Sharpshooter, NYPD Police Sharpshooter, etc.
Must have served in a DDM role for one (1) year
Must provide evidence of a minimum M4qualifications of 95% (285 out of 300) or better on a DS qualification course of fire which must be the most recent qualification
Must be full time law enforcement SWAT Sniper experience(Not SWAT as a collateral duty)
Must be in good physical condition on the DSS physical fitness test per 3 FAM 1975.1

ACADEMI is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants receive consideration without regard to race, age, ethnicity, religion, gender, national origin, disability or any other basis prohibited by law.