May 22, 2016

Police Vehicle Fleet Management Advisor

Employer: PAE

This position is a Pipeline position that is contingent upon availability and is located in Liberia.
One of the critical areas in which the LNP must focus its efforts is managing and maintaining its vehicle fleet in order to continue to support its operational requirements. In coordination with UNPOL and the GOL, the U.S. government has agreed to provide technical assistance to the LNP to help them develop a sustainable vehicle fleet management system.

The Police Vehicle Fleet Management Advisor will mentor leaders within the LNP so that the LNP themselves can develop and institutionalize a functional and sustainable system for maintaining, deploying, and tracking their vehicular assets in order to support operational requirements. The endstate of the Police Vehicle Fleet Management Advisor’s mentorship is for the LNP to take ownership of the system.

Instead of trying to personally develop and implement new processes and procedures, the Police Vehicle Fleet Management Advisor must mentor his/her counterparts so that the LNP themselves make institutional changes that will be sustainable.

The Police Vehicle Fleet Management Advisor must:
Develop procurement specifications for equipment purchases and infrastructure development for the LNP;
Be responsive to Liberian priorities and U.S. government goals and strategic objectives for Liberia;
Maintain regular communication with the INL Director in Monrovia;
Assist in briefing senior U.S. Mission officials;
Support liaison efforts with LNP representatives, the Office of the Inspector General, and other donors on issues related to LNP budgeting and finance;
Providing advice to the U.S. Embassy, UNPOL, the MOJ, the LNP, and other key partners on matters relating to the development of criteria for selection, vetting, and training of civilian law enforcement personnel. The Police Vehicle Fleet Management Advisor shall exercise particular care in following established vetting procedures in accordance with the Leahy Law, a law that prohibits U.S. foreign assistance to any unit of the security forces of a foreign country if evidence exists that members of that unit have committed gross violations of human rights, in coordination with the U.S. Embassy;
Providing advice to the INL Director in Monrovia and to INL’s senior bilateral police advisor on programmatic challenges and areas where U.S. Embassy intervention could help achieve INL and the U.S. government’s goals and objectives;
Monitoring accountability and functionality of equipment and facilities provided to the LNP by the U.S. government;
Coordinate with and mentor LNP administrative staff, in consultation and coordination with the Senior Advisors and the Logistics Advisor.

The Police Vehicle Fleet Management Advisor shall communicate regularly with the INL Director in Monrovia and coordinate efforts with the CO and/or COR, in order to make certain such effort remains within policy objectives as determined by the U.S. Ambassador to Liberia. Such communications and coordination will not involve any change to or expansion of the scope of work, costs, or contractual obligations. If, in the opinion, of the Contractor such communications and technical direction from the COR calls for effort outside the scope of the task order or is inconsistent with the requirements, the Contractor shall notify the CO in writing within ten working days after the receipt of any such instruction. The Contractor shall not proceed with the work affected by the communications and/or technical direction unless and until the Contractor is notified by the CO that such communications and/or technical direction is within the scope of the task order.

The Police Vehicle Fleet Management Advisor may work in Monrovia or in other parts of Liberia. Shift work may be assigned.

Required Qualifications:

U.S. Citizen;
Ability to possess/maintain MRPT certification;
Minimum ten years of general vehicle maintenance experience with a field-related Bachelor Degree. Additional experience can substitute for a degree on a year to year basis;
Minimum of five years experience as a Vehicle Fleet Maintenance/Management Officer of at least 50 vehicles with supervisory responsibilities in support of an operational mission;
Demonstrated experience implementing effective procedures to maintain accountability of personnel, vehicles, equipment, and supplies;
Knowledge of principles, practices, tools, materials, equipment, and techniques required for maintaining and repairing a variety of makes and models of vehicles, construction equipment, fire apparatus, and related mobile equipment as found in a municipal police fleet;
Knowledge of operation and maintenance of a variety of makes and models of vehicles, power tools, and related fleet maintenance tools;
Knowledge of safety equipment and safety practices related to vehicle use and maintenance;
Must have demonstrated ability to plan, organize, and direct highly varied and complex operations related to vehicle and equipment services;
Knowledge of principles and practices of employee supervision, including work planning, assignment, review and evaluation, and the training of staff in work procedures;
Must have the ability to review specifications for new equipment acquisition;
Strong analytical skills and ability to handle complex situations;
Strong interpersonal skills; proven ability to work well with others. Ability to work effectively both in a team environment and independently to achieve the desired end state;
Excellent oral and written English communication skills;
Proficient with basic MS Office computer programs; able to organize, analyze, prepare, and present information to a variety of audiences;
In possession of a current and valid driving license for at least one year

Must satisfy the requirements for Specialist Advisor IV.

Desired Qualifications:

Experience in police development/reform overseas or other relevant experience overseas, particularly in developing countries.
Extensive experience managing and/or directing vehicle fleet programs in police forces.
Knowledge of USG contracting practices and experience in contract oversight.
Experience working or coordinating with USG agencies (e.g., USAID, Justice, State, and/or Defense).
Ability to explain, promote, and defend USG policies to senior law enforcement officials of other nations and the host country and representatives of international organizations.
Possess strong leadership/influencing skills – makes decisions, self directed, self confident, positive, good negotiator, able to prioritize personal and team activities.
Ability to exercise a high degree of professional judgment, diplomacy, and tact at all times in order to build successful relationships with Liberian partners and the international community.

An Equal Opportunity Employer. PAE’s hiring practices provide equal opportunity for employment without regard to race, religion, color, sex, gender, national origin, age, United States military veteran’s status, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, family structure, medical condition including genetic characteristics or information, veteran status, or mental or physical disability so long as the essential functions of the job can be performed with or without reasonable accommodation, or any other protected category under federal, state, or local law.