May 14, 2016

Mission of Consultancy : Security Assessment in Afghanistan - 3 months

Location: Afghanistan
Closing date: 31 May 2016

The consultant is responsible for:
Developing a full Context Evaluation where the national situation and actors (particular attention to Kabul context) are analysed

· Identifying Vulnerabilities, Threats and Assessing Risks
· Production of Security Strategies and of Operational Procedures
· Production of a Legal Analysis linked to Employer’s Duty of Care
· Training, Support and Guidance

The consultant should ensure that his/her context evaluation as well as already existing country security strategies are developed, implemented, monitored and reviewed in line with Organizations policies, standards and requirements.

The consultant will also play a critical role in ensuring that country teams are sufficiently resourced and skilled for security management appropriated to the context.
Intended users & uses:

Roles and Responsabilities:
Situational Overview/ Context Analysis

· Identify factors, actors and overall triggers leading to a context change and a threat evolution. Analyse and report on the following points, with a Kabul city in-depth focus:

Socio Demographic Analysis: Population Size; Ethnicities; Religious ideologies; Social backgrounds; Literacy levels; Cultural codes; etc.
Economic Situation: Main local economic indicators, drivers and markets
Political Situation and Ideological Factors (including detailed analysis with local political affiliations’ percentages)
Criminality Profiling: nature of criminal acts; identification of victims (are NGOS a target?); frequency of criminal acts; impact of criminal acts
Local Infrastructures: Analysis of Local Governance (PD Police Chief; Local MPs; etc.) and Identification of other Foreign NGOs operating locally (core activity, residential presence, number of staff, etc)

Risk Assessment
· Identify Vulnerabilities and Threats
Yield as many vulnerabilities and threats as possible in the local environment, along with severity and remediation priority information
· Production of a Risk Assessment

Identification and ranking of significant risks
Determine what the level of acceptable risk is, measure the current risk level (through probability and impact), and provide recommendations for aligning these two where mismatches are found

Quantitative and Qualitative models are to be used.
Security Strategies and Operational Procedures

· Different Organization security procedures
· Physical/ Logistic security at Organization office in Kabul

Propose and Produce:
(Detailed and comprehensive, supported by tools)
· Appropriate Security Management Strategies, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Immediate Action drills (IA drills) to manage and minimise risks. These should:

Answer personnel, assets and Organization reputation safeguard

Perceive new intervention areas, operational deployments of Organization personnel, and selection of new locations or premises if needed (direct, collateral and transfer of risk)

· Work Plan for its implementation and later Evaluation Tools
· Mitigation Measures
· Contingency Planning
· Crisis Management Plan
· Evacuation Procedure/ Exit Strategy
Employer’s Duty of Care
· Assess if Organization  is in line with all legal requirements concerning its duty of care (as per French Law)
· Propose recommendations addressing identified gaps if existing
Training, Support and Guidance
· Advise HQ Security Focal Point and Executive Management on Employer Duty of Care
· Support, guide and mentor the Country Director, Field Coordinator and other key field staff with security management responsibilities in the implementation, evaluation and updating of country-level security documents and procedures
· Advise Afghanistan Security Coordination team in managing security incidents’ response (crisis management)
· Conduct security training for field teams

Reporting requirments:
· Final report and conclusions of the security assessment providing detailed analysis, conclusions and recommendations,
· Final Security Strategies and Operational Procedures providing clear plans, charts, schemes and “user friendly” tools
· Review and update existing relevant Organization security documents in Afghanistan (Security plan, security framework, evacuation plan, annexes, etc.),
· PowerPoint presentation of results,
· Fact Sheet.

Expected Schedule

Mission Expected start date : 1st July 2016
Mission Expected end date : September 15th 2016
Submission of draft report : September 30th 2016
Submission of final report : October 15th 2016


You will be a skilled and experienced security professional with expertise on security context and trends in Central Asia, in particular in Afghanistan.
You will have excellent knowledge in security and risk assessment and at managing security challenges within fragile and conflict afflicted areas.
With proven field based experience, you will have a sound understanding on how to advise and train staff to achieve self-sufficiency in security assessment operations.


Ideally Dari speaking, you will be sensitive to cultural differences and working in a wide variety of cultural contexts.
· Bachelor's Degree in a field related to humanitarian work or security risk management
· 6 years of proven experience in NGO/UN field (operations) including 3 years working/living in Afghanistan and at least 2 years of field security experience
· Confirmed awareness of Afghanistan’s culture, history and socio-political context
· Experience in developing security related technical tools guidelines and systems
· Strong assessment, evaluation, analytical and strategic planning skills
· Verified ability to work under stressful conditions
· Outstanding time management and organisation skills
· Superior attention to detail and conscientious quality of work product
· Established sound judgment and supervisory ability
· Proven interpersonal skills and established oral and communication skills
· Effective advanced proficiency in English, verbally and written, with a sound knowledge of technical expressions
· Word, Excel and PowerPoint Proficiency and Internet Proficiency

In order to apply, please submit the following:
· An up-to-date resume (max. 2 pages).
· A technical offer, including a detailed action plan and methodology.
· A financial offer, including a detailed budget for daily fees, per diem if any and number of work days.

The above mentioned documentation is to be submitted to under the reference “Security Management Assessment - GAF”, before May 30th 2016.

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