May 3, 2016

Maritime Security Operators

Location: Offshore

We are actively seeking dynamic, intelligent and high competent personnel for current and future deployments, both Team Members and experienced Team Leaders.

Candidates should have the following prior to application:
At least 4 years’ verifiable military service with a clean conduct record or equivalent experience in the Security industry
Army Discharge Paper/ Book
Clean criminal record
Be over the age of 21 and with a current passport that has at least 8 months’ validity time prior to expiration
Valid Seaman’s Book
Full Basic STCW 95 (Basic Fire Fighting, Personal Survival Techniques, Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, Elementary First Aid)
Copy of National ID or Driving License
CV (English)
The ability to speak, read and write in English
Basic IT literacy
Drug & Alcohol Test
Psychiatrist certification document for firearms usage suitability
Seafarer’s Health Certificate that includes both General Med Exam and Eye test
Vaccination Card (Yellow Fever)
Blood type & Allergies
ISPS certificates SSO/CSO/MSO
MFCC training (Maritime Fire Competency Course)
First Aid Certification (FPOS) or higher

The following are desirable:
Prior commercial maritime security experience
Former security experience
Shooting arms training
Underwater Demolition Training
Paratrooper Training
Unorthodox Warfare Training
Marines Training

How To Apply:
Send us your CV at:

Email available to paid-up Members ONLY