May 26, 2016

Law Enforcement consultant – Garamba National Park, DRC

Employer: African Parks (NGO)
Location: Garamba National Park, DRC


African Parks is a non-profit organisation that takes on direct responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of national parks, in partnership with governments and local communities. By adopting a business approach to conservation, supported by donor funding, we aim to make each park sustainable in the long-term, thereby contributing to economic development and poverty alleviation. We currently manage ten parks in seven countries – CAR, Chad, Congo, DRC, Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia.

African Parks has been managing Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, since 2005 in partnership with the Institut Congolais pour La Conservation de la Nature (ICCN), the DRC’s official wildlife authority. The park is 4,900 km² but is part of the larger Garamba Complex of 12,500 km² and is the last stronghold for elephants and giraffe in all of Congo.

African Parks will be receiving funding to develop the greater Garamba area as part of the EU 11th EDF funding. The greater Garamba development will be based on conservation led economies for the benefit of the local communities in the periphery of Garamba National Park.

African Parks has renewed its management agreement with the ICCN to manage Garamba NP and its periphery for an additional 10 years, and is seeking for an outstanding Law Enforcement consultant to develop the skills of the ICCN appointed Law Enforcement manager. The Law Enforcement consultant will be based at the park headquarters in Nagero. The Law Enforcement department employees approx. 200 rangers, divided between base security, field operations, and advanced operations. At any time there may be up to 100 FARDC soldiers seconded to the park, and candidates must therefore have relevant experience to handle the management of such a department.

Key responsibilities
The Law Enforcement Consultant’s duties will be, amongst others, to develop the Garamba Law Enforcement Manager’s skills in the following areas;
· To work within a culturally diverse group, comprised of many different languages, nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds;
· To create a comprehensive concept of operations, serving the Greater Garamba Law Enforcement Strategy;
· To ensure correct conduct of routine operations, including mentoring in the delivery of patrol orders, inspections, and debriefs;
· To optimize manpower, including revising leave rotations and patrol schedules;
· To manage and maximise existing information gathering systems and networks, including the mentorship of dedicated staff;
· To manage and improve command structures, including regular communication with administrative and support bodies surrounding the park, maintaining clear and detailed personnel files, submission of monthly law enforcement reports, mentorship of all levels of Law Enforcement hierarchy, and ensuring high levels of discipline;
· To ensure maximum exploitation of all operations, including monitoring the prosecution, within the legal system, of all cases sent to court;
· To assist greater park management, including participation in weekly management meetings, liaison with the operations manager for logistical support, and assisting the park management in developing the management and 5-year business plans.
· To ensure the on-going maintenance and improvement of capability within the Law Enforcement cadre, including mentorship programs for existing Rangers, coordination and supervision for selection and training of new Rangers, as well as specialised courses;
· To oversee security and maintenance of Law Enforcement assets, including equipment, firearms, and transport;
· Be available to perform any other task assigned as part of the service by African Parks management.

The Greater Garamba Area is in the central African region and within a hazardous region. For these particular positions, African Parks will consider candidates with a minimum of:

Proven language proficiency, including intermediate to advanced French capability, and the ability to learn new languages (Lingala);
A minimum of 8 years military experience, with preference given to those with backgrounds within special operations and intelligence;
Previous experience within Africa, with preference given to those able to demonstrate cultural awareness, and experience in the field;
At least 5 years of management experience.

Reporting structure

The Garamba Law Enforcement Consultant reports to the Garamba Park Manager, and will have relationships with the following people:

· Greater Garamba General Manager;
· Garamba Law Enforcement Manager
· Law Enforcement staff
· Information Officer
· Government, Military, and UN authorities
· African Parks Law Enforcement Manager
· Park manager.

Start date

Contract duration
Typically 2 years with a 6 month probation period.

What will success look like at the end of the contract?

A fully functioning anti-poaching team with:
· Reduced poaching in and around the park;
· An effective information gathering unit;
· Motivated, disciplined, fit, equipped, Law Enforcement staff.

How To Apply:
All applications for the law enforcement manager position should be submitted in writing and should comprise the following:

· A motivation letter, including salary expectations;
· A detailed CV including, among others:

o Education
o Training
o Experience
o Age
o Languages
o At least 3 references.

All applications must be submitted to the African Parks Law Enforcement Manager, Email:

Candidates will be evaluated according to experience and only short-list candidates will be contacted.

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