May 9, 2016

Force Management Advisor

Employer: Leonie
Location: Afghanistan

Job Code: 3418
# of openings: 1

Leonie is currently seeking a qualified Force Management Advisors to join our world-class team of exceptionally skilled, ethical and committed professionals providing Information Operations, Intelligence and Analytical Services. Since 2004, Leonie has made the customer the top priority while maintaining a culture of industry thought leadership that has translated into unmatched mission accomplishments


The United States Government has an ongoing requirement to advise, teach, and mentor the Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) and Afghan Security Institutions (ASI). The primary focus of the program is to build the organizational capacity of the ANDSF and ASI in order to produce a long-term, self-sustaining indigenous force that is able to independently fulfill the country’s security needs. As part of this effort Leonie is seeking qualified Force Management Advisors to provide the following support:
· Collaborates with US, coalition and Afghan senior leaders, force managers, and advisors to develop, design, analyze, manage and resource the ANDSF’s operating and generating forces in support of the Afghan National Military Strategy.
· Uses current U.S. military doctrine and force management regulatory guidance, policies, processes, systems and procedures to model and manage change in the Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National Police (ANP) to include determining warfighting requirements, designing operational and institutional force structure, determining authorized resources, and analyzing second and third order effects of changes to requirements, structure and resources. This is a high-visibility requirement, which necessitates the assignment of experienced, highly qualified, and highly professional individuals. Individuals must demonstrate commitment to the US mission, vision and values. Individuals are responsible for helping to achieve the nation’s political-military objectives in Afghanistan.
· Provides technical support in the preparation, review, analysis, coordination and maintenance of requirements documentation used in force management to develop, restructure, rebalance, transform, and sustain Army and police organizations. This includes current and future force structure planning.
· Adheres to policies and standards as determined by the mission commander.
· Becomes familiar with Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) Law and policies related to position and duties.
· As required, attends key leader engagements with the Director, Capabilities Development Directorate, and/or his/her designee(s).
· Provides a daily report of plans, actions, and tasks completed.
· Provides a weekly summary of significant events, current and future plans and goals related to the appropriate area(s) of responsibility.
· Provides a quarterly development plan for the ANDSF leadership, and monthly and quarterly assessment report of progress.
· As required, assists the directorate by providing information for and/or developing presentations, reports, analyses, policies and procedures, etc.
· Assists with the ANDSF (ANA and ANP) force management processes and provides recommendations for improvement or corrective actions as required.
· Assists in the development of and advises on the implementation and/or change process for various types of organizational documents including, but not limited to, the Afghan equivalent of Tables of Equipment (TOEs) or Modified Tables of Equipment (MTOEs).
· Assists with planning and executing the Command Plan Review (CPR) process.
· Assists with and participates in personnel and equipment document reviews.
· Sets the conditions to transfer the responsibility for force management files, documentation, and processes to ANDSF force managers.
· Provides a daily update of personnel status, plans, actions, and tasks completed. Updates are verbal, written or via email.

· Bachelor’s degree required. Master’s degree or higher is preferred. Education requirement may be waived based on exceptional experience.
· Knowledge of key force management processes, regulations, web-based applications (Force Management System Web), and major documents influencing the Army’s force structure to include Force Generation, Force Development, Manpower Management, Warfighting Capabilities Determination, Military and Civilian Position Classification and Structure Development, How the Army Runs, Total Army Analysis, and other pertinent documents
· Knowledge of the policies and processes to develop organizational documents including, but not limited to, the Afghan equivalent of Tables of Equipment (TOEs) or Modified Tables of Equipment (MTOEs), which prescribe the required structure, manpower, equipment and organizational options
· Understand organizational structures and behaviors as well as mission drivers
· Display cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability
· Demonstrate understanding of strategic partnerships
· Demonstrate the ability to effectively build partnerships across highly complex multi-national organizations
· Demonstrate executive level written and verbal communication skills
· Demonstrate superior networking capability, paired with strong interpersonal and diplomatic skills
· Ability and presence to represent the US, as well as to interact effectively with senior leaders, staff members, soldiers and civilians from NATO nations and Afghans
· Ability to work as part of a team in a constantly evolving work environment
· Demonstrate excellent planning, organizational and management skills
· Ability to produce desired results, complete tasks on time, and to meet goals in a highly pressured, insecure environment, and under extreme stress in highly dynamic and ambiguous situations
· Ability to manage conflicting priorities with limited supervision
· Develop innovative approaches to deal with complex policy or technical issues
· Ability to take initiative, anticipate both problems and opportunities, and take appropriate action; independently, if required
· Strategic thinking, analytical abilities, cognitive ability, and open-mindedness are essential
· Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment as part of a team
· Ability and willingness to work outside normal office hours
· Record of successful professional experience within area of expertise
· Ability to leverage information technology, executive information systems, management techniques and tools for optimal office performance
· Ability to build authorization documents or adjust documents based on mission or resource changes
· Ability to identify, analyze and translate complex information, make appropriate judgments and evaluate options
· Previous experience in Army and/or a police agency force management/force development at a service major command or civilian equivalent. Extensive experience with Microsoft Office tools namely Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint; must be able to use the advanced features of these applications
· Joint and/or multi-national experience
· Must meet all physical, medical and other requirements for overseas deployment in accordance with current Department of Defense (DoD) regulations
· Must possess a fitness level appropriate to performing work in a field environment, and have a medical exam completed within the past 12 months
· Dental and medical readiness must be current
· Must maintain a current US Passport
· Must be able to lift 50 lbs
· Must possess the ability to work in a cramped office environment and in an austere environment
· Must be willing and able to travel throughout Afghanistan, and other countries as required. Travel may be by ground, to include on foot, or air
· This is an armed position. Must meet all requirements in accordance with regulations concerning armed positions

Security Clearance:
· Final Secret Clearance required

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