May 8, 2016

Duty Security Manager

Employer: DHL
Location: Bahrain
Ref: req24849

Overall Role Purpose

Uphold effective security policies to ensure that DHL’s staff, assets and customers shipments are protected. Manage and Control Security operations as well as the teams and equipment to pro-actively identify, develop and implement practices, policies and procedures that will ensure DHL remains the leader in provision of security to our employees, customers, DHL assets and information.

BAH is one of the global hubs in the DHL network, with throughput volume reaching 35 Million shipments a year. The job holder has to manage and ensure secure, reliable and consistent hub operations in regard to our customers’ shipments. Managing a team of 57 people (and sub contractors), the Duty Security Manager is required to lead the team in securing the hub services in line with the Global Standard Operating Plan (GSOP).


External Customers

Provide security support to maintain a secure network to meet customer needs

Internal Customers

Security Manager

Support and assist the Security Manager in the improvement and enhancement of security of the facilities, shipments & assets to satisfy customer’s needs.
Provide daily update on major security events.
Plan the daily shift resources and execute daily task activities.



Service Provider – Sub-contractor
Ensure the manning level is adequate and that all activities meet operational security standard and GSOP & regulatory compliance.
Monitor the security services provided and maintain a monthly performance report

Law Enforcement, Security Officials, Local Authorities & Regulatory Bodies,
Establish professional liaison to ensure strong links are maintained between DHL and such authorities.

Manage smooth relationship with customs authorities and report discoveries of any contrabands during the screening process


React promptly to inquiries directed from Customer Services, ensuring all shipment related queries are investigated and conclusions communicated.
Support Operations for value added services in order to meet customers’ requirements
Enlist the support of all DHL staff at BAH Hub, CO & MDC to ensure that DHL’s environment is safe and secure

Security Support
To provide necessary assistance to the security management as and when it is required.
Report to Security Manager on all security related matters and to support the team at all times.
Consistently monitor access control database and perform quarterly reviews
Manage HRIS for employees leave, bonus & overtime
Extract and analyse monthly TIP reports


Shift Operations Management
Coordinate shift operations to meet operational demands upholding high quality standard, complying to GSOP/ TAPA/IOSA/ISAGO/RA3
Co-ordinate Hub, CO & MDC security activities and ensure compliance of DHL staff and sub-contractors with security procedures as specified in the Regional Security Policy and Procedures Manual.
Initiate, co-ordinate and conduct security related investigations such as losses and other security incidents relating to DHL assets, personnel and shipments carried by DHL.
Respond accurately and make prompt and effective decisions to address any issues encountered during the shift operation
Meet with duty Security supervisors to discuss operations execution plan and resource allocations.
Monitor operations to ensure security regulations and standard operating procedures are met and have been implemented.
Conduct Daily Shift Briefing and ensure close communication and co-ordination between different functions to maintain high levels of security.
Responsible for maintaining the FTE expenses as a result to optimum the usage of manpower
Regularly coordinate security equipment checks to initiate proactive maintenance in cases of potential failure
Ensure regular maintenance of equipment to guarantee 100% operational effectiveness 24 x 7 / 365.
Enforce the shipment security measures and controls
Ensure compliance to Regionally accredited industry bodies such as TAPA.

Security Incident Database – Information Management
Provide input and participate in the reporting of security incidents into the database
Prepare and analyse the database information for the production of regular reports on shipment and other security incidents, including Dangerous Goods. Where appropriate, recommend and initiate actions to investigate and resolve significant security incidents as they occur.

Aviation Security
Provide support to comply with the aviation security requirements of local authorities.

People – Management
Develop a high performance service culture within the functional department. Plan, organize and direct and efficient and effective functional department.
Develop IKOs/KPIs with team members and monitor individual performance.
Consult performance appraisal.
Manage the allocation of appropriate resources and commitment of staff to the achievement of Global, Regional and Country objectives and targets.
Identify training needs and opportunities to develop a high performing work force. Ensure all essential Refresher Training requirements are fulfilled on time

Key capabilities

Communication skills


Competency segment ‘Business’

Customer Orientation: Is focused on identifying and understanding each customer’s needs. Expresses and acts on desire to assist customers in an efficient and friendly manner.

Planning & Organizing: Sets clear and realistic goals and objectives. Establishes a course of action and a sequence of steps to ensure that activities and objectives are efficiently achieved. Is structured with good personal organization. Schedules time effectively and uses efficient work methods and tools.

Decision Making: Makes timely and appropriate choices based on accurate analysis and experience. Uses sound judgment even in conditions of uncertainty. Anticipates impact of decisions and plans how to manage risk.

Competency segment ‘Leadership’

Developing People: Facilitates the development of others through personal involvement in coaching, mentoring and sponsorship. Creates an environment that fosters learning, growth and development to improve DHL's capability to achieve the strategic vision.

Building and Leading Teams: Knows the talent* needs of the team. Attracts and develops the people who can meet those needs. Encourages effective cooperation among team members and between teams. Inspires team spirit and the commitment to achieve high standards of performance.

Competency segment ‘Personal’

Influencing: Persuades others of the value of an approach or idea. Gains commitment and support and gets others to willingly take action.

Communication: Provides both verbal and written information in a timely, clear and concise manner. Expresses ideas effectively, adjusting style, tools and mode to the needs of others. Listens attentively, and summarizes or asks questions, when needed, to clarify information.

Commitment to Excel: Challenges self and others to exceed standards and achieve extraordinary results, striving for best in class. Is not easily deterred when obstacles or delays are encountered.

Expected years of experience
Self-motivated and capable of doing security and other related projects.
Sound investigative record.
Ex-Police, Airport Security or Armed Forces personnel, 5-7 years experience as Staff Sergeant, Inspector & above in any force/police
5-7 years experience as Security Supervisor & above in transportation & logistics industry.

Educational Qualifications

Degree or equivalent

Target Hire Date 5/31/2016