May 22, 2016

Counterintelligence Support Specialist

Employer: Gould Global
Location: Afghanistan
Job Code: GG-2011-0009
# of openings: 2

Job Summary:

Working Overseas - The Counterintelligence Support Specialist (CI) Assists the CICA in producing the following type products in support of CI and HUMINT operations and investigations as well as other tasks which enhance staff efforts within the CJ2X and its mission in support of OEF and its related role in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

Job Description:
The Counterintelligence Support Specialist (CI) Assists the CICA in producing the following type products: CI Operations and Analysis Support: Foreign Intelligence Service Support, Target identification, Evaluate/Process/compile SPORT Reports, Serious Incident Reports (SIR), Intelligence Information Report (IIRs), update and keep current the Terrorism Risk Assessment Tool (TRAT), Prepare Operational Support Packages, Prepare Analyst Notebook charts, Prepare Contingency Operation (CONOP) documents, Prepare Counterintelligence Baselines, Prepare CI threat assessments, Provide DATT Briefings, Prepare CI Special Reports, Prepare Command Tasking Notices, Prepare Link Analysis
Charts, Prepare Summary Intelligence Reports, Prepare Targeting products, prepare recommendations for planning and policy development, prepare documents for Battle Books, prepare documents for Daily Read’s and Weekly Force Protection and Terrorist Threat Summary’s, prepare Concept of Operations Technical Papers, Prepare counterintelligence analytical products.

The CI Support Specialist will review the data collected and cross-reference intelligence collection priorities and plans, in order to ensure proper identification and categorization with screening SOPs and plan when necessary. The CI Support Specialist will conduct other intelligence supporting activities related to intelligence support operations, only with appropriate Government authorization and oversight. The CI Support Specialist will assist in the preparation of theatre-level counterintelligence estimate by reviewing CI reports from base clusters, regional command AOR and theater. The CI Support Specialist is responsible for assisting production of intelligence analysis related to counterinsurgent, Afghanistan and southwest Asia regional issues in support of CI activities and CI support to force protection, especially as information is related to collection efforts in support of the ISAF/USFOR-A Commander’s collection requirements.

The CI Support Specialist will prepare CI Reports in accordance with theater guidance and the Army FM 34-60 and Tactical HUMINT manual. The CI Support Specialist will protect classified information and material in accordance with established theater policy and AR 640-5 and AR 380-5. The CI Support Specialist will assist in identifying and processing national CI/HUMINT reporting which can be legally shared with NATO and ISAF partners ensuring that foreign disclosure guidance as contained in NDP – 1 is followed. The CI Support Specialist will maintain information system security by following established USFOR A and US government IT INFOCON procedures and policies as well as those NATO and ISAF regulations.

· Education: Bachelor's degree is preferred.
· Desired Requirements: 4 years of counterintelligence support experience required ·
· Other: The candidate must have an active Secret clearance. Overseas travel is required.
As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we are committed to a diverse workforce.

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