May 13, 2016

Cleared American Guard (CAG) , OCONUS

Employer: Triple Canopy

This Position is Contigent Upon Contract Award

Roles and Responsibilities
Control access to 1) the construction site; 2) internal secure areas; and 3) Secure Storage Areas (SSA) via established access control posts designated by the Site Security Manager (DOS);
Identify all persons accessing the construction site, secure areas and maintain responsibility for issuance of the appropriate identification badges to only persons authorized access;
Dissuade and report all unauthorized personnel or vehicle entry, or attempted entry, onto the construction site or into designated secure areas;
Inspect all persons, packages, bags, boxes, crates, vehicles or other means of introducing materials on the construction site or in the secure area with metal detectors, explosive trace detectors, x-ray machines and visual inspection;
Survey perimeter and internal secure areas through use of Government-furnished CCTV system and
intrusion detection systems;
Conduct after hours roving patrols of the construction site.

Job Requirements

Three (3) years of military experience as a Military Police Officer or Marine Security or Guard or three years as a security watch stander whose duties included the use of alarm systems, metal detectors, x-ray devices and closed circuit television (Honorable discharge is required if applicable);
Top Secret Security Clearance (eligible to receive a DOS reciprocal Top Secret clearance);
U.S Citizen;
Possess valid US Driver's License and US passport;
21 years of age or older;
Minimum of a High School diploma or GED equivalent;
Capable of reading and speaking English and be able to write legible, concise reports in English.
Honorable Discharge from the Military (If applicable)

Preferred Skills
Experience in use of alarm systems, metal detectors, x-ray machines, and closed circuit televisions.