May 19, 2016

CCTV Senior Supervisor , Tanzania

Location:  Tanzania
Closing: 7 June 2016
Job Id: 1278709
Salary: Highly Competitive,
FIFO – Rotation Role

Reports to: Security Manager

Overall Purpose of Role:

The purpose of the role is to enhance and optimise the technology available in the CCTV control room on site and to transfer the expert skills, ensuring a safe and secure working environment. Role Requirements: Minimum Qualifications Form 5 Role Related Experience Five (5) years’ experience in CCTV control room management. Body language, Surveillance, Alarm, Fleet Monitoring Management experience. Extensive experience in implementing control room management systems, reporting and implementation of control system 911 Call centre experience. Systems Integrations and Optimisation, CCTV operator training and competency training. 

Role Specific Knowledge:

• Providing a secure environment for the conduct of the mine’s activities and security of its assets by enforcing Security policies and procedures and by constant monitoring thereof to ensure compliance.

• Ensure that all equipment in the CCTV control room is fully operational and report any faults to the Security Systems Superintendent.

• Conduct ongoing reviewing and surveillance within the Mine area to ensure security standards re being applied in the workplace. Report any non-compliance to the Security Systems Superintendent.

• Ensure that team members are constantly monitored in terms of their capabilities and on the job training and coaching done where required to rectify substandard performance / behaviour.

• Identify security risks within the Mine area and report to the Security Systems Superintendent such risks in order for him to develop strategies to counter / mitigate the risks.

• Maintaining the highest standards of discipline, working behaviour, integrity and confidentiality expected from the security function within your area of accountability.

• Site visits to be done to familiarise with the area.

• Assists the Security Systems Superintendent in coaching, advising, developing and training of the Mine security personnel operating in your area of accountability.

• Allocate manpower per shift as authorised by Security Systems Superintendent or as per requirement to achieve maximum security.

• Perform required administration tasks e.g. completion of GSIMS, incident reports and complaint forms etc.

• Attend disciplinary hearings as per role requirement (complainant, witness)

• Integrate security technology with control room operation process flow.

• Optimise system and operator output.

• Embed International Governance on control and application of software and systems.

How To Apply:
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