Ammunition Technician (Physical Security & Stockpile Management)

Employer: HALO
Location: Central African Republic
Ammunition Technician (Physical Security & Stockpile Management)

Job Description:

The Ammunition Technician will work under the direct supervision of the Weapons & Ammunition Disposal/PSSM Regional Director. They will have primary responsibility for the delivery and development of PSSM standards. The position will be mainly be based at HALO's programme in Central African Republic but may be required to travel between HALO countries.

Responsible for managing HALO’s activities in the field of Stockpile Management to ensure that the respective programmes are on target to deliver on their contractual obligations, specifically:
Evaluating and quantifying stocks of weapons ammunition, and identifying weapons and ammunition for disposal
Providing technical assistance on ammunition hazard divisions and categories to ensure correct segregation of ammunition
Mitigating the overfilling of ammunition stores
Planning and conducting training on the safe and secure storage of ammunition as required
Supervising the safe transportation and storage of ammunition
Ensuring that standards are maintained
Helping undertake assessments of new countries with a view to establishing additional programmes
Reviewing explosive storage arrangements on programmes and advising on measures to bring conditions into line with International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG) and International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) guidelines

Additional duties will include:
Discussing the programme training needs with the Programme Manager
Familiarisation with in-country EOD and demining operating procedures, particularly any restrictions which are unique to the programme
Conducting or managing EOD tasks when necessary
Establishing levels of staffing and the minimum qualification required for each level of field supervision
Monitoring the quantity and state of explosive resources in-country and making recommendations to the Programme Manager for additional purchases
Reviewing existing explosive/ammunition storage and accounting procedures and assisting in their monitoring and improvement
When not participating in PSSM activities, assisting the Programme Manager with the normal duties of a HALO Field Officer.

Fluency in spoken and written French, with working knowledge of English (Common European Framework for Languages – C1)
Trained Ammunition Technician with at least 3 years experience
IMAS Level 3 or 3+ Explosive Ordnance Disposal competence
Technical knowledge – comprehensive understanding of the principles behind storing and processing ammunition in base depots or field storage sites at home or on operations.
Communication Skills – strong spoken and written communication skills
Creativity and Innovation – strong analytical and problem-solving skills and ability to handle a range of management and coordination issues
Ability to Learn and train others – willingness to keep abreast of new developments, train others and work through interpreters
Experience working in hazardous areas
Good IT skills are essential
Military background preferred