Apr 27, 2016

Various Security Management Vacancies (x7) , North Africa

Employer: Crucible
Location: North Africa

Program Manager - North African Operations
Duties: Overall management responsibilities of security operations
1.Coordinating contract requirements and overall responsibilities for administration
2.Provide security awareness information for all personnel and corporate entities involved in project.
3.Provide guidance on daily operations to individual project managers and site security managers to ensure overall project safety and operations.

1.PMI Project Management Professional Certification
2.Background in gathering and reporting security awareness intelligence data
3.Arabic language at 2+ or better
4.Bachelor's Degree or equivalent life experience combination with education.
5. Significant Program Management Experience in Security Operations and Environment.

Deputy Project Manager Operations
•Act as the focal point for all contractor provided protective security details, including all support personnel (i.e. guard force, intelligence analysts, medical personnel, vehicle and equipment technicians/mechanics, etc.), with the general advice and guidance of the project manager. On a short-term basis, and only in the absence of the Project Manager, assumes the on-site role and responsibilities of the Project Manager.
•The DPMO is required to teach the basic protective security services personnel training course
• All aspects of planning, scheduling, organizing, managing, and assessing performance of assigned protective security details
•Ensuring that the contractor provided personnel selected for protective security leadership positions are executing their responsibilities efficiently and effectively. Items of primary concern include assessing performance of the protective security details and ensuring proper behavior of all contractor-provided personnel, whether on or off duty.
•Ensuring that all necessary contractor support of protective security details is planned, provided, and maintained to allow the details to perform without a decrease in required performance.
•On-time delivery of protective security detail support (personnel and equipment) Provision of adequate off-duty needs of protective security personnel (housing, meals, activities).

•U.S. Citizen
Must have an accredited Bachelor’s degree
•Level 3 English proficiency.
•Fifteen (15) years of experience.
•Ten (10) years of the fifteen years must have been working on or overseeing personal protective, static guard and emergency response team assignments.
•At least three (3) of the ten years must have been in a management or in-charge capacity.
•Generalized experience in planning, evaluating, analyzing, and implementing government security type programs.
•Demonstrated experience in the interpretation of and development of plans, policies, and procedures.
•Written and verbal communications skills, including the ability to communicate solutions effectively to both technical and non-technical audiences.
•Ability to function effectively in adverse situations.
•No impediments to traveling overseas to and within countries that are considered dangerous or unhealthy.
•Arabic language skills are required

Site Security Managers (4)
Emergency Response Leadership
Site Security Daily Operations
Access Control Supervision
Local Transportation Management
First Responder - TCCC and or EMT Skills
Perimeter Security Supervision and Management

1. Five years experience in security operations
2. 3-5 years of personnel supervision
3. TCCC or EMT Experience
4. Site Security / Access Control Experience
5. Instructor qualifications in security operations.

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Question should be directed to apjohn@team-crucible.com